LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS-LECCE 4-0 -Too much Juventus for Lecce: Dybala, Ronaldo, Higuain and De Ligt score. Lazio at -7


23.35 – RACE FINISHED! JUVENTUS-LECCE 4-0: Sarri’s team flies to +7 over Lazio with a good poker trimmed against Lecce, immediately left in ten for the expulsion of Lucioni. After a first half without a goal, Juve is forgiven in the second half and unlocks the match with Dybala. Then CR7 scored on penalty, Higuain on Portuguese assist and De Ligt headed in the final. Continue to win Juve, now it’s up to Lazio and Inter to respond.

90 ‘ – There will be no recovery, the referee blows the whistle for the end of the match.

88 ‘- Juventus counterattack with a good action by Ramsey who goes around the area and then serves Higuain: shot by the Pipita but easy save for Gabriel. Lecce is looking forward to hearing the referee’s final whistle. Too much Juve in this second half.

87 ‘- DOUGLAS COSTA SHOW! The Brazilian makes his way to dribbling, jumping two opponents and then kicks on goal, still para Gabriel.

86 ‘- GOOOOOOL! JUVENTUS POKER! Matthijs De Ligt joins the scorers’ table, hitting a header on Douglas Costa’s cross. JUVENTUS-LECCE 4-0.

85 ‘- Risk of becoming a goleada! Douglas Costa’s fulminating action that jumps everyone and puts in the middle, Gabriel saves for a corner.

84 ‘- GOOOOOOOL! TRIS OF THE JUVENTUS: lethal counterattack by Cristiano Ronaldo, who starts defying all the defense of Lecce, enters the area, concentrates and heeled serves Higuain who from there cannot err and strikes Gabriel. JUVENTUS-LECCE 3-0.

82‘- Interrupts the infinite possession of the Juventus ball Babacar who is fouled by Bonucci and wins a free kick.

81 ‘- Only one door is played. Szczesny never engaged in this second half.

79 ‘- CHANGE IN LECCE: Calderoni enters instead of Vera.

78 ‘- PIPITA NOW! Great shot from 20 by Higuain that touches the post but the ball does not enter.

77 ‘- DOUBLE CHANGE IN THE JUVENTUSGonzalo Higuain in place of Paulo Dybala and Bricklayer in place of Bernardeschi.

75 ‘- STILL GABRIEL: SAY NO TO RAMSEY! What a play by Douglas Costa who serves the Welshman with a no-look pass. Ramsey’s low shot but Gabriel once again avoids the goal. The match report without him would have been very different.

75 ‘- Continuous possession of Juventus who are feasting in the Lecce area without being able to find the measures for the third goal. Meanwhile, the entry into the field of Pipita Higuain seems to be in the area.

72 ‘- CHANGE IN LECCE: Liverani also plays the Barak card which enters Mancosu’s place.

71 ‘- GREAT SHOOTING DE LIGT! Kick the Dutch well from about 30 meters: still save Gabriel! Another chance for Juventus.

69 ‘- RONALDO! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! Matuidi’s cross finds Portuguese. This time CR7 hits very well but his header finds Gabriel’s splendid parade.

68 ‘- CHANGE IN THE JUVENTUS: Ramsey enters instead of Bentancur.

67‘- Dybala’s great ball in the area, the Bonucci and De Ligt punch the hole and Lecce is saved.

67 ‘ – Some adductor problems for Bentancur, who seems destined to go out to make room for Ramsey.

66 ‘ – What a Bonucci ball on Dybala who avoids the offside and then tries to hit the ball with his left foot but his back to the goal. An incredible number but one that does not succeed at Joya.

63 ‘ – Foul by De Ligt on Babacar: free kick for Lecce.

63 ‘- CHANGE IN LECCE: Babacar enters instead of Falco.

62 ‘- GOOOOOOOOL! DOUBLE THE JUVENTUS: on a penalty Cristiano Ronaldo makes no mistake, kicking in the middle and displacing Gabriel. JUVENTUS-LECCE 2-0.

61 ‘- PENALTY KICK FOR JUVENTUS! Rossettini fouls Cristiano Ronaldo: the referee has no doubts and concedes the penalty.

60 ‘ – Cuadrado cross for Ronaldo who is anticipated very well by Donati, who practically saves a goal.

59 ‘- RONALDO TRIES IT! Ball of Pjanic for CR7 that in the middle of three tries to kick immediately but does not frame the door.

58 ‘ – Kicks Matuidi from outside but his shot is easily blocked by Gabriel. Lecce, however, does not start again and Juve immediately recovers the ball.

57 ‘ – E ‘in confidence Dybala who tries a slalom in the middle of three games but then is stopped well by the defense of Lecce. Only Juve on the pitch.

55 ‘ – Great pressing of Juventus that immediately recovers the ball and starts again with a pounding ball possession. Sarri’s team feels they can close the race. Now the rhythms are higher.

53 ‘- GOOOOOOOL! JUVENTUS IN ADVANTAGE: splendid ball by Cristiano Ronaldo for Dybala who aims the cross of the posts and kicks perfectly. This Gabriel can’t take it. JUVENTUS-LECCE 1-0!

52 ‘- CHANGE IN THE JUVENTUS: outside Adrien Rabiot, Douglas Costa enters. 4-2-4 for Juventus.

52 ‘- From the corner Dybala does everything he tries with a shot at turn: ball out.

51 ‘ – Cuadrado cross, Bentancur tries to get there and Rossettini is closed for a corner.

50 ‘ – Douglas Costa seems ready to join and he will have to raise Juventus’ steady pace.

49 ‘- WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR BONUCCI! Corner for Juventus, ball put in the middle by Dybala who finds Bonucci. The black and white captain stands up and hits his head well but finds the great parade of Gabriel.

47 ‘ – Lecce temporarily in nine for the foul suffered by Rispoli that comes out bleeding to the lip after contact with Cuadrado.

46 ‘- CHANGE IN LECCE: Petriccione, not at best from a physical point of view, leaves the field. In its place Rossettini.

46 ‘- START TO SECOND TIME! There is a change in Lecce!

22:46 – Teams on the field for the recovery: everything is ready for the start of the second half!

22.33 – END OF FIRST TIME! The first 45 minutes have ended at the Allianz Stadium: JUVENTUS and Lecce are still 0-0! The guests are ten after the expulsion of Lucioni for red directed for a clear scoring occasion, then two eaten by Ronaldo and Bernardeschi.

45 ‘+ 2‘- The referee blows the whistle for the end of the first half!

45 ‘+ 2’ – On the corner Pjanic kicks De Ligt in the middle: the Dutchman’s header ends high though.

45 ‘+ 1’ – Two minutes of recovery allowed by the referee.

45 ‘ – Bentancur shoots from 25 meters but does not frame the door. Very high ball.

43 ‘- BERNARDESCHI WRONG BY TWO STEPS! Another goal eaten by Juventus: Ronaldo’s fast cross for Bernardeschi who sends it over the crossbar instead of pushing the ball into the net from two meters.

41 ‘- RONALDO EATS GOAL! Juventus one step away from Dybala’s cross on CR7. From a step away from the goal the Portuguese hits the ball sending it high. Even Cristiano hardly believes it.

40 ‘ – All Juve to attack with one more man and forces Lecce to crush in the penalty area. Cross in the middle of Rabiot and another corner for the bianconeri.

38 ‘ – Punishment beaten by Lecce, Vera kicks power but without precision: ball out of much.

37 ‘ – Lecce’s free kick for Bentancur’s foul on Petriccione. Uruguayan midfielder is warned.

36 ‘ – Ball kicked by the flag from Pjanic looking for De Ligt, who rears up but falls into the area and cannot find the ball. Everything is regular for the referee.

35 ‘ – Cross in the middle of Dybala who looks for Ronaldo but Petriccione intervenes who sends the ball into a corner.

34 ‘- TACHTSIDIS! Lecce also keeps the ball in 10, ball for Tachtsidis who from 16 meters goes to the shot but the ball ends up high. Juventus had fallen asleep again in defense.

33 ‘- The game of Lecce, which until now had held up well, can completely change, also creating some danger for Juventus.

31 ‘- RED FOR LUCIONI! LECCE IN TEN MEN! It flies towards the Bentancur goal, which is stopped by Lucioni: clear scoring opportunity and direct red for the Lecce defender.

29 ‘- CR7 tries again! Another conclusion of the Portuguese who takes the ball and kicks from outside the area: the ball just wide out to the side.

28 ‘- REVERSE OF RONALDO! Ball lost by Lecce and recovered by Bentancur who immediately serves Bernardeschi. The former Fiorentina moves well and sees Ronaldo only in the center of the area: the Portuguese receives the ball and tries with a splendid overhead kick which ends up outside. The athletic gesture is splendid, less the precision.

28 ‘ – Retrieve the Rispoli ball that starts like a train and then tries a low shot from far away: no problem for Szczesny.

27 ‘- Great launch of Dybala for Ronaldo, who however misses the stop and goes back. But Juventus keeps the ball and tries to get around the defense of Lecce which is all in its area.

25 ‘ – Cuadrado puts a ball in the middle for Ronaldo, but Lucioni intervenes well and anticipates the Portuguese once again.

23 ‘ – Cuadrado tries to look for Bernardeschi on the offside but once again the flag rises. Juventus is often trying this solution to try to get around the defense of Lecce.

22 ‘ – Rispoli flies on the wing defended by Matuidi and puts a cross in the middle for Mancosu, well anticipated by Bentancur. Lecce however gains another corner.

20 ‘- WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR RABIOT! Beautiful conclusion from 30 meters of the French midfielder who finds the beautiful parade of Gabriel. Juventus are very dangerous.

19 ‘- Nice ball put in the middle of the Lecce area by Juventus, the ball flies over the area and Bonucci and De Ligt don’t get there!

18 ‘- JUVE STRIKING! Ball recovered well from Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo in 3 against 2 sees Dybala and tries to serve him but the ball does not reach Joya, then Bentancur tries to put him back in the middle but in the end the bianconeri gain a corner.

18 ‘ – Corner kick conquered by Lecce, Mancosu crosses in the middle but Cuadrado intervenes well.

16 ‘- STILL A LECCE SHOOT! Cuadrado puts the defense in difficulty and leaves the ball to Lecce in the area, so Mancosu turns and goes to the shot but Szczesny blocks everything. Juve distracted in this house.

15 ‘- Cuadrado gets it wrong and is served by Bentancur, but instead of cross in the middle he pulls and sends the ball out.

13 ‘ – Ball put in the middle by Dybala, he finds it in the Lucioni area that sweeps the area. Punishment kicked very well by Joya.

13 ‘ – Cristiano Ronaldo lowers himself to take the ball from Bonucci and is spread by Petriccione. Free kick for Juventus, Pjanic and Dybala at the batting point.

12 ‘ – He makes Juventus turn the ball but maybe not too fast. Cuadrado tries to look for Bernardeschi but the ball is prey to Vera who is satisfied with the throw-in from the back.

9 ‘ – Nice ball for Bentancur who is in a regular position but then misses the throw for Ronaldo in the middle. In the end the referee whistles a foul in Rabiot’s attack.

7 ‘- Juve is very aggressive when Lecce is in possession of the ball but the guests come out well from the black and white pressing and try to turn the ball.

6‘- Free kick for Juventus after the foul on Dybala who is overwhelmed and remains on the ground.

4 ‘- OPPORTUNITY FOR LECCE! Buco by De Ligt. The Dutchman leaves too much room for Mancosu who then invites the Rispoli shot. Nice diagonal but high ball above the crossbar.

4 ‘ – He makes Juventus turn the ball trying to find some space against a Lecce deployed all in defense, then Cuadrado misses the support for Bernardeschi and gives the throw-in to Lecce.

2′ – Launch of Pjanic for Bernardeschi who arrives early on Gabriel but the referee stops everything for an offside of the Juventus number 33.

2′ Juventus move the ball in the classic black and white shirt. Blue uniform instead for guests.

1 ‘- THE RACE HAS BEGUN! The referee Piccinini whistles the start of the match: JUVENTUS-LECCE has started!


21:44 – While Sarri and Liverani exchange a few words, the two captains talk to the referees. There is very little left to kick off.

21:43 – Juventus also led by captain Bonucci is on the pitch!

21:42 – The referees are entering the field. And here is also Lecce, who enters first as a visiting team.

21:40 – There are just a few minutes left before the two teams on the pitch that we remember will take place separately for the new anti-Covid-19 rules.

21:25 – The warm-up of the bianconeri who will be on the pitch in about twenty minutes continues:

21:07 – Juve on the field for heating.

9:00 pm – Lecce very covered. Liverani also renounces Saponara from the first minute.


JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Bonucci, Matuidi; Bentancur, Pjanic, Rabiot; Bernardeschi, Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo.

LECCE (3-5-1-1): Gabriel; Donati, Lucioni, Paz; Rispoli, Shakhov, Tachtsidis, Mancosu, Vera; Petriccione; Hawk

20:25 – Juventus has also arrived.

20:21 – Lecce have arrived at the stadium.

20:10 – The probable formation of Juventus proposed by Sky about an hour and a half from the starting whistle:

JUVENTUS (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Bonucci, Matuidi; Bentancur, Pjanic, Rabiot; Bernardeschi, Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo.

19:55 – This is the probable eleven of Lecce according to Sky Sport:

LECCE (3-5-2)Gabriel; Donati, Lucioni, Rossettini; Rispoli, Barak, Petriccione, Tachtsidis, Calderoni; Falco, Saponara

19:30 – The arrival of the two teams is awaited to have certainties on the sides.

7.15pm –

19:01 – EVERYTHING READY FOR THE ALLIANZ STADIUM – Everything is ready for Juventus to return to the Allianz Stadium. Today’s will be the first post lockdown championship challenge that either Juventus will play at their facility. Sarri’s team had already returned to the Stadium on June 13th but an Italian Cup match was scheduled on that occasion.

18:37 – BERNARDESCHI FAVORITO ON DOUGLAS COSTA – In less than an hour Juventus will have the technical meeting and Maurizio Sarri will resolve the last doubts of formation. In attack we go towards the confirmation of the trident formed by Bernardeschi, Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, the Juventus number 33 seems to have an advantage over Douglas Costa.

18:14 – RABIOT CONFIRMED IN MID-FIELD – Tonight, in midfield there should be confirmation of Adrien Rabiot. The Frenchman will act as the left half wing in the median with Bentancur and Pjanic.

17:05 – DE LIGT SHOULD SUPPORT BONUCCI – At this moment there are two small doubts concerning the black and white rear. On goal, Szczesny seems favored over Buffon, while in defense there should be confirmation of the pair De Ligt – Bonucci. Juventus number 4 should be ahead of Rugani.

16:25 – MATUIDI FAVORITO TO PLAY ON THE LEFT – Tonight, Maurizio Sarri will not have Alex Sandro, De Sciglio and Danilo available, without them the coach will have to adapt another player and the main candidate seems to be Matuidi. In fact, barring surprises, the French will act on the left.

15:21 – CR7 IN THE FIELD FROM THE FIRST MINUTE – Juventus, at this moment, is at the JHotel and the Juventus players are resting in view of the match against Lecce. In the last few hours a rest shift had been assumed for Cristiano Ronaldo, but in the last minutes this hypothesis is losing altitude. So, barring surprises, CR7 will be on the pitch from the first minute.

14:12 – THE CALLED – Juventus, through its official Twitter profile, has issued the list of players called up for the match against Lecce

12:35 – FINISHING FINISHED – Juventus have finished the morning finish in view of the match against Lecce. In the Juventus house there are several doubts that will be resolved only after the technical meeting. Tonight, Sarri will confirm the 4-3-3: the first of the formation ballots is open on goal. In fact, the Tuscan coach must decide whether to play Szczesny or Buffon. Also in defense another ballot is underway and concerns Bonucci’s partner. Rugani and De Ligt are competing for a starting jersey. While on the wings we go towards the use of Cuadrado and Matuidi. In midfield, Bentancur, Pjanic and Rabiot should meet again. In attack Bernardeschi and Dybala are certain of the place with them Cristiano Ronaldo should play, but it cannot be excluded that CR7 can rest. Then Douglas Costa would act in his place.

Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Matuidi; Bentancur, Pjanic, Rabiot; Bernardeschi, Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo.



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