LIVE TJ – Juve arrived in Caselle. The summoned. There are Higuain, Ramsey and Chiellini. Tomorrow space at 4-3-3 (VIDEO)


18:35 – HIGUAIN AND CHIELLINI TOMORROW WILL TRAIN AT JTC – Higuain, Chiellini and Demiral will train at Continassa tomorrow and then leave for Rome.

18:12 – JUVE ARRIVED IN CASELLE – Juventus has just arrived in Caselle. The bianconeri arrived aboard two buses to keep the safety distances. The first to get off the bus was Leonardo Bonucci immediately after he got off CR7. Together with the team there is also Nedved. Higuain, Chiellini and Demiral have not been seen in Caselle, so they have been summoned only to be with their companions and will probably reach Rome in the next few hours. Ramsey, however, is regularly associated with Juventus.

18:09 – MEETERS – Juventus, through its official website, has issued the list of players called up for the match against Napoli: “The training session of the bianconeri has ended at the Training Center, in view of tomorrow’s Coppa Italia final, at 21, at the Olimpico. Here is the list of players available to Mister Sarri:

1. Szczesny

2. De Sciglio

3. Chiellini

4. De Ligt

5. Pjanic

6. Khedira

7. Ronaldo

8. Ramsey

10. Dybala

11. Douglas Costa

12. Alex Sandro

13. Danilo

14. Matuids

16. Cuadrado

19. Bonucci

21. Higuain

24. Rugani

25. Rabiot

28. Demiral

30. Bentancur

31. Pinsoglio

33. Bernardeschi

35. Olivieri

38. Bricklayer

44. Vrioni

46. ​​Zanimacchia

77. Buffon

18:01 – LA JUVE HAS LEFT THE COUNTER – Juventus, a little while ago, left Continassa and in about a quarter of an hour it will be in Caselle.

5:45 pm – NO BOX FANS – Juventus will soon be in Caselle where they will board the flight that will take them to Rome. Waiting for the team there are no fans but only reporters. Law enforcement officers are guarding the airport pending Juventus’ arrival.

17:21 – RAMSEY ON THE FIELD WITH THE COMPANIONS – Aaron Ramsey worked together with his team-mates this afternoon, but it remains to be seen whether he did the whole session in a group or whether he trained only partially with the team. Meanwhile, Juventus, through its official Twitter profile, shared the images of today’s session:

17:14 – TRAINING FINISHED – Juventus finished their afternoon training session ahead of the Italian Cup final. Soon the team will leave for Rome.

16:06 – WORKOUT IN PROGRESS – Juventus is on the field and is training for the match against Napoli. In about an hour and a half the team will leave the JTC to go to Caselle airport. Around 14, however, Chiellini left Continassa, but it cannot be excluded that he will be called up to be with his teammates, but obviously he will not be available to Sarri. For the rest there is still some doubt of formation and in the last hours a ballot has opened on the left between Alex Sandro and Danilo.

12:39 – HIGUAIN, RAMSEY AND CHIELLINI SHOULD LEAVE FOR ROME – This afternoon, Higuain, Ramsey and Chiellini should regularly leave for Rome. Then it will be necessary to understand which of them will actually be available to Sarri and who will not.

12:16 – TRAINING IN THE AFTERNOON – Juventus will be on the pitch this afternoon to train for the Coppa Italia final against Napoli. At the end of the session, the bianconeri will leave for Rome. But the Juventus day will begin at 13:30 with Maurizio Sarri’s press conference. Tomorrow, the coach will confirm the 4-3-3 and in attack he will rely on the trident formed by Douglas Costa, Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo. During the day, you will also understand something more about the recoveries of Higuain and Ramsey, while Chiellini should be out.



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