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18:01 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

Currently positive: 36.976 (-1.453, -3.78%)
deceased: 33,774 (+85, + 0.3%)
Dismissed / Healed: 163,781 (+1,886, + 1.2%)
Hospitalized in intensive care: 316 (-22, -6.5%)
Buffers: 4,114,572 (+65,028)

Total cases: 234.531 (+518, + 0.2%)

17:40 – Below are the data of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy in the last twenty-four hours:

– Total cases: 89.928 (+402)
– Current positives: 19,853 (-371)
– Healed / Discharged: 53,853 (+752)
Intensive care: 120 (-5)
– Inpatients not T.I .: 2,960 (+6)
– Deaths: 16,222 (+21)
– Tampoli: 800.276 (+19.389)

15:00 – According to Corriere della Sera reports this morning, the next battle of Vincenzo Spadafora, Minister of Sport, is on free-to-air football: work is underway on the highlights of the Serie A on Rai, the concession by Sky and Dazn of some matches or of the Direct goal in the first rounds and the transmission of the competitions in the rest homes.

14:51 – According to what reported by Il Giornale, 127 players are currently on loan or with a contract expiration that could stop on June 30, or the natural expiration of the respective agreements. One player out of four in the top flight is an “exodus”, with the clubs that now have to race against time to temporarily extend the agreements so as not to upset the roses. You need a solution within 25 days.

14:15 – As reported by Corriere della Sera on newsstands this morning, the FIGC is thinking of an anti-sly rule: those who do not respect health protocols risk very heavy penalties that go as far as exclusion from the championships. In particular, woe to those who do not swab and who hides any positivity.

14:13 – Today’s edition of Il Corriere dello Sport explains that Inter have tried to convince the other teams to reverse the days of the Coppa Italia matches. Instead, we will start from Juventus-Milan on the 12th, starting whistle at 9 pm, then Napoli-Inter, same time but a day later. Inter must also play the recovery against Sampdoria on 21 June but Milan and Juventus have not made any discounts and have not accepted the request to reverse the dates of the Nerazzurri.

12:49 – The Serie A clubs have decided to reject the initial hypothesis of a possible end of the championship with the formula of play off and play out. In the event of a new suspension, the algorithm with the weighted average of the points at home and away will decide the final classification. To report it is La Stampa.

12:13 – Today’s edition of Il Giornale reports this morning a proposal that Gabriele Gravina, number one of the FIGC, wants to present to the Government: to invite the heroes of Covid-19, that is doctors and nurses, to attend the Serie A matches behind closed doors .

11:48 – Today’s edition of Repubblica headlines this morning: “The FIGC piggy bank: 21.7 million aid for poor football”. The well-known newspaper reports that yesterday the Federcalcio decided to allocate a 21.7 million euro fund to help the clubs of B, C and D, players, coaches, trainers and women’s football clubs.

11:26 – At the moment there are no discounts on the 14 days of quarantine for an entire team in case of new infection, but the FIGC does not give up. Next week, the Federation will return to office to secure the championships to avoid having to finish everything ahead of time. Meanwhile, yesterday, President Gravina met with Minister Speranza to try to soften the positions on the new positivity. To report it is Il Corriere dello Sport.

10:34 – Hard hand of the FIGC against those who try to circumvent the protocol. And Il Messaggero today on newsstands headline: “The Football Association against the wily ones: there is exclusion for those who cheat”. War on sly people. Whoever pays off. Now there is a risk of exclusion from the championship. A hot topic. Especially in light of the decisions in case of new positivity. If there are new contagions during the championship, the algorithm will be used. The mathematical formula that scares clubs. It will be discussed in the next Federal Council scheduled for Monday.

10:02 – After yesterday’s FIGC Presidential Committee meeting, it will be another important day for Italian football. After the Presidential Committee at 17:30 today, the opening of the League Assembly of A is convened by videoconference. On the agenda there will be precisely the issues that will then be discussed in the Federal Council on June 8 : above all the issue of the algorithm of discord which however seems to be a line that has found consensus unlike play-off and play-out in case of a new stop. The companies will also take stock of the injunction to Sky and the delays to be received by the other broadcasters.

09:47 – “Few and far are the fans returning?”. This is the question and the title on the first page of QS on newsstands this morning. It is now the theme of the last hours and days. The FIGC is now studying how to partially reopen the stands. We need a new protocol.

09:23 – Today’s edition of La Stampa headlines today in its sports section: “Serie A in a formula The clubs give in to the algorithm”. Playoffs and playouts end up in the stands, but the algorithm remains on the pitch. During the FIGC presidency committee, Gabriele Gravina defended the need to apply a mathematical correction to the simple average-points in case of a new suspension of the championship. Gravina’s reasoning is clear: if there is another stop, it will almost certainly come during a Serie A day, since it will be played almost every day with shifts coated up to 96 hours.

08:59 – In the past few hours, there is an important meeting between Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, and Roberto Speranza, Minister of Health, to talk about the quarantine issue: as reported by Corriere della Sera, for the moment, however, the norm, which provides that in case of a new positive the whole team must go into quarantine, it does not change. The number one of the Football Association will try again in about ten days.

08:48 – “The trap”. This is the title with which today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport opens in reference to the protocol: “Quarantine, the Government does not change: championships hanging by a thread. Meeting between Gravina and Speranza: denied the reduction of 14 days of isolation, but it still comes. The FIGC to the clubs: those who do not respect the protocol are excluded from the tournaments “.

***** FRIDAY 5 JUNE *****

19:10 – The sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, has made official the government’s clearance for the advance of the one-day Italian Cup semi-finals on Twitter: “Football: The semi-finals of #CoppaItalia have been brought forward to 12 and 13 June”. Therefore, Juventus-Milan will be played on Friday 12 June at 9:45 pm.

18.10 – These are the data of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy in the last twenty four hours:

Currently positive: 20,224 (= 0)

Buffers carried out: 780.887 (+3.410)

Total positive: 89.526 (+84)

Deaths: 16.201 (+29)

Therapy Intensive: 125 (-6)

Hospitalized not in intensive care: 2,954 (-41)

healed: 53.101 (+55)

18.00 – As every day, the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

• Currently positive: 38429

• Deceased: 33,689 (+88, + 0.3%)

Discharged / Healed: 161.895 (+957, + 0.6%)

Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 338 (-15, -4.2%)

• Swabs: 4,049,544 (+49,953)

Total cases: 234.013 (+177, + 0.1%)

15:25 – The referees’ meeting in Coverciano began yesterday. All the match officials of the Serie A were present. The only one absent was an illustrious referee, Luca Banti. Still to be understood if he will be able to reach the referees in the next few days or if he will miss this meeting which could be decisive for its use in matches.

14:08 – The meeting of the FIGC Presidential Committee which ended a little while ago was interlocutory and focused on the economic aspect of the championships. After approval of the financial statements, the parties set up the football-saving fund and also gave guidelines on the playoffs and playouts, as well as on the algorithm. Various counter-proposals from the Leagues were then heard and a final decision was then made on 8 June in the Federal Council.

13:40 – FIGC President Gabriele Gravina commented on the decision made today by the FIGC Presidency Committee regarding the establishment of a 21 million 700 thousand euro ‘Salva Calcio’ fund to be dedicated to players and clubs from Serie B down . “It is an unprecedented initiative – said Gravina -, it represents a great assumption of responsibility that the FIGC takes in favor of the football system as a whole. It is a direct allocation whose size will certainly act as a flywheel for the recovery “.

13:36 – As Sky reports, the Football Federation’s Presidential Committee has set up the Salva Calcio Fund, which must be approved by the Federal Council on June 8th. A total of € 21,700,000 has been allocated.

13:12 – According to reports, the referees are also preparing for the resumption of the championship and on the first round of swabs all 21 match officials in the Serie A were negative for coronavirus.

12:11 – The FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, gave an interview to the newspaper Il Mattino. Here are his statements: “I hope to reopen the stadiums already in the summer. By improving the progress of the contagions, I hope we can allow partial access to the football facilities. It would be an extraordinary injection of trust and enthusiasm”. Going back to the decision, complicated in the ways and times, to restart the championships, Gravina underlines: “It is a great satisfaction, an extraordinary result for football, not for myself. I carried out with difficulty and determination a task in which I felt the sense of responsibility that the role imposes on me is strong. Going beyond partisan interests was difficult, but necessary “.

11:47 – The subscribers of the football teams risk being left with a handful of flies. As reported by the Corriere dello Sport, at least half of the Serie A clubs have included clauses that – whatever happens – exclude the right to compensation. However, almost all clubs are considering what to do. Vouchers, discounts and pre-emptions are possible for next year (or for 2020-21 if it could not be shared with the public), for a voucher of the same amount.

10:48 – Another day of meetings on the Figc-League Serie A axis. This morning, after the presidential committee, there will be a meeting between the Football Federation and the various members. President Gravina should confirm his willingness to abandon the playoff hypothesis for the completion of the season if this should stop again and the algorithm necessary for the crystallization of the ranking will be discussed. In this regard, the Serie A League will make its proposal: for each team, average points to multiply in the matches that are missing.

09:47 – The newspaper Il Messaggero on newsstands this morning is dedicating – on page 34 – a space on Serie A with the following title: “Goals don’t rank”. The FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, will today illustrate to the components the new algorithm model: the factor of the goals scored and suffered has been discarded. The intention is to use the mathematical system, which does not award the league title in case the tournament stops again.

09:02 – Today’s edition of Il Mattino dedicates a space to the Serie A in the low cut of the first page reporting the words of Gabriele Gravina, interviewed by the Neapolitan newspaper: “We will reopen the stadiums”. The FIGC president explains: “You don’t like the name algorithm? We change, but we need a criterion. It is wrong to crystallize the ranking if there is a stop. The goal – we read on page 16 – is to find the public again. The most difficult moment the stop in France: now start again with the least possible damage “.

08:37 – The Corriere dello Sport today on newsstands opens on the front page with the title: “And I pay!”. The reference is to the 356,000 subscribers who, despite the football restart, are not entitled to any compensation. So, according to the sporting newspaper of the capital, the resumption of the championship is paid by the most loyal fans: ten out of twenty clubs do not provide for the return of the fees received. It aims to discounts and pre-emptions on the next open stands. But now class actions are looming.



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