LIVE MN – Serie A, the calendar has been made official. There is already plan B for the next season. The national bulletin


18.00 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

• Currently positive: 39893
• Deceased: 33.530 (+55, + 0.2%)
Discharged / Healed: 160.092 (+1.737, + 1.1%)
• Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 408 (-16, -3.8%)
• Swabs: 3,962,292 (+52,159)

Total cases: 233.515 (+318, + 0.1%)

17.30 – These are the data of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy in the last twenty four hours:

Currently positive: 20.255 (-606)

Buffers carried out: 766.122 (+8.676)

Total positive: 89.205 (+187)

Deaths: 16.143 (+12)

Therapy Intensive: 166 (-1)

Inpatients not in intensive care: 3,021 (-64)

healed: 52,807 (+761)

14:50 – Professor Enrico Castellacci, President of the football doctors association, spoke to Il Corriere dello Sport in a long interview. “Now half quarantine, it must be reduced from 14 to 7 days or the championship will not end. Can it be done, otherwise why would everyone choose to start again? Stopping again would be tragic. It is right to relaunch the Serie A, I see more problems for the others “alloys.

13:36 – The newspaper La Stampa dedicates inside, on page 34, a space for Serie A with the following title: “The government does not close to the reopened stages: ‘It depends on the data on the infections. We will evaluate'”. Hypotheses for 10 to 25 percent of spectators. Figc president Gravina: “I hope so. It is unthinkable that in a 60,000-seat stadium there can be no room for anyone”. Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary for Health clarifies: “It is the data that decide. But there is no foreclosure …”.

12:34 – The words of Gabriele Gravina, number one of the FIGC, on the next championship, (“can start on September 12 but also a little later. In case of objective impediment, article 218 of the Relaunch Decree allows the FIGC to derogate from the regulations sports to reorganize the season “, ed) leave the way open for Plan B. According to Repubblica, if the 2020-2021 season were to start in October, it could be a regular season with 2 groups of 10 teams and 18 games each. Then play-offs and play-outs.

11:49 – Background on the Lega Calcio poisons on the Repubblica columns, which tells of presidents against managers, large against small, recovery against stop. All against all, “a jungle”, says a veteran. At stake is an armchair in the Council: now Lotito, president of Lazio, wants Setti, Verona’s number one, in the Lega Council instead of Inter’s Antonello, a team already represented by Marotta. The big names instead support De Laurentiis, president of Napoli.

10:36 – “Bello di notte”, headlines Corriere della Sera on the new calendar of the Italian championship. “The hot summer of Serie A – writes the well-known newspaper – the trend of night races: on 20-21 June the recoveries, uncertain dates on the way to the Italian Cup. In practice, it is played almost every day: Juventus-Lazio championship match July 20. Closed stadiums, but spectators dream. ”

09:47 – The newspaper La Stampa also focuses on the front page on the resumption of the Serie A championship with the following title: “It starts again from Toro-Parma. On 20 July the big match between Juve and Lazio”. Only 8 afternoon challenges – read inside – and only 6 days without competitions. The duel between bianconeri and biancocelesti on 20 July, the championship will start again from the challenge between the grenade and Parma. The last three days will be defined later.

09:35 – “A league title in 43 nights: there is the A. Juve-Lazio calendar on July 20th”. This is the title that the newspaper Il Messaggero on newsstands this morning dedicates to the Italian championship in the high cut of its front page. There is the program until the 35th day: it starts on June 20 with Toro-Parma, four days after Atalanta-Lazio and Roma-Samp at 9:45 pm.

09:23 – The newspaper La Repubblica also focuses on the front page on the resumption of the championship. “Serie A is back, two months of magical nights”, headlines the well-known newspaper, citing the famous musical theme of Italia ’90. It is in fact since the World Cup that not so many summer games have been played in our country.

09:11 – Today’s edition of the newspaper Il Mattino dedicates a space to Serie A in the low cut of the first page with the following title: “Summer with the championship. Verona-Naples on June 23”. The calendar has been drawn up until the third last day. As for the Italian Cup, tomorrow – reads page 16 – the League will formalize the date of Saturday 14 June for the semifinal between Gattuso’s team and Inter Milan.

08:25 – Even today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport dedicates the opening to the resumption of Serie A. “Magical nights”, headlines the well-known sports newspaper of the capital, which then always adds on the front page: “The new calendar: a summer of football and emotions thirty years after Italy ’90. Only ten games at 5.15 pm until the end of the season: all the others at 19.30 and 21.45. The last three days are missing: they will be compiled according to the updated classification. 12 serves the Conte ok “.

08:13 – The Gazzetta dello Sport on newsstands this morning dedicates the entire front page to the official resumption of the football championship, after the new calendar drawn up yesterday. “Fly Italy flies”, headlines the roseate, who then adds: “Serie A almost every day with the dream of open stadiums. Cairo:” Happy that you play, but no algorithms “. What a binge! Hot summer nights: Taurus -Parma opens on Saturday 20th, Juve-Lazio on 20th July “.

***** TUESDAY JUNE 2 *****

19:15 – The Serie A League has issued the new conformation of the Serie A championship to close it within the month of August. Below are the television coverage of AC Milan’s matches, with relative times and days.

Monday 22 June, 7.30 pm: Lecce-Milan, Sky
Sunday 28 June, 5.15 pm: Milan-Rome, Dazn
Wednesday 1 July, 9:45 pm: Spal-Milan, Sky
Saturday 4th July, 9:45 pm: Lazio-Milan, Dazn
Tuesday 7 July, 9:45 pm: Milan-Juventus, Dazn
Sunday 12 July, 9.45 pm: Napoli-Milan, Sky
Wednesday 15 July, 7.30 pm: Milan-Parma, Sky
Saturday 18 July, 9.45 pm: Milan-Bologna, Dazn
Tuesday 21 July, 9.45 pm: Sassuolo-Milan, Sky

19.06 – The Serie A League has communicated at what times the challenges of the 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th and 17th return days will be played:

Friday 9:45 pm (1 possible advance)

Saturday 5.15 pm (1 advance)

Saturday 19.30 (1 advance)

Saturday 9:45 pm (1 advance)

Sunday 5.15 pm (1 advance)

Sunday 19.30 (4 or 5 races)

Sunday 9:45 pm (1 postponement)

Monday 9:45 pm (1 possible postponement)

The 19th day of return will take place on Sunday 2 August 2020, starting at 9:45 pm (10 races simultaneously). However, in accordance with the internal regulatory provisions, the 10 races may be played in different blocks, if the contextuality of all the races is not necessary.

As for the times during the week shifts:

The midweek shift of the 8th return day will take place on the following days and times:

Monday at 19.30 (2 advances)

Monday 9:45 pm (1 advance)

Tuesday at 19.30 (2 advances)

Tuesday 9:45 pm (2 advances)

Wednesday 19.30 (1 advance)

Midweek shifts for the 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th and 18th return days will take place on the following days and times:

Tuesday at 19.30 (up to 2 advances)

Tuesday 9:45 pm (up to 2 advances)

Wednesday at 19.30 (up to 3 advances)

Thursday 19.30 (1 postponement)

Thursday 9:45 pm (1 postponement)

18.58 – Together with the publication of the new calendar, the Lega Serie A communicated the change in the calendar dates from the eighth to the nineteenth day of return.

8 day return 24/06/2020 instead of 08/03/2020
9 day return 28/06/2020 instead of 15/03/2020
10 day return 01/07/2020 instead of 22/03/2020
11 day return 05/07/2020 instead of 05/04/2020
12 day return 08/07/2020 instead of 11/04/2020
13 day return 12/07/2020 instead of 19/04/2020
14 day return 15/07/2020 instead of 22/04/2020
15 day return 19/07/2020 instead of 26/04/2020
16 day return 22/07/2020 instead of 05/05/2020
17 day return 26/07/2020 instead of 10/05/2020
18 day return 29/07/2020 instead of 17/05/2020
19 day return 02/07/2020 instead of 24/05/2020

18:07 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

Currently positive: 41.367 (-708, -1.68%)
deceased: 33.475 (+60, + 0.2%)
Dismissed / Healed: 158,355 (+848, + 0.5%)
Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 424 (-11, -2.5%)
Buffers: 3.910.133 (+31.394)

Total cases: 233.197 (+178, + 0.1%)

17.30 – The Serie A League has announced that the calendar is expected in the evening.

15:55 – The vice-president of the Italian Football Association, Umberto Calcagno, spoke to La politics in the ball about the resumption of the championship: “We are happy that our proposals on the times have been constructive. It is important to protect the health of the athletes in a calendar compressed is to try to guarantee the show ”.

15:52 – Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health Sandra Zampa spoke on the possibility of reopening the stadiums to the fans: “There has never been any foreclosure – he explained to Radio Punto Nuovo – so let’s wait for the data and see if people can return to the stadiums with absolute safety standards. We leave a veil of hope for the reopening of the stadiums, I will make myself a spokesman for this question “. reports it.

14:31 – These are the words of Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, to “Tutti Convocato” on Radio 24: “Football has never asked for shortcuts or discounts. Today there are clear rules, which allow you to continue your activity, isolating an athlete or a professional staff, continuing the training. We know that this rule is foreseen, the hope is that shortly, a week before the start of the tournaments, therefore of the Italian Cup, it can be re-evaluated: we will send a new proposal, in the hope that this rule is revisited. Today, theoretically, but probably also in practice, it creates great anxiety and concern. Algorithm? I’m sorry that this word gave the idea of ​​a sort of magic potion, which could upset the sporting merit. Instead, it is simply a systematic calculation procedure: it is a method to arrive at a product called classification weighting. It makes me smile as in our country we like to screw ourselves on expressions that simply vote to find balances and give certainties. I used this term already some time ago, then strangely it was taken up by the English as a weighting for the races: it works there, with us the algorithm applied to the weighting makes us worry. In reality, it is nothing more than a way to ensure that, before the leagues start again, and in any case by applying minimum criteria such as having played 3-4 games to know the state of affairs of when we intervene, all are under the same conditions. I don’t know if between 3 or 4 championship days everyone will have played the same races: what do we want to do, crystallize the ranking and not take into account that someone has played less and is penalized? I ask this to those who are surprised and shouted at the scandal for the algorithm. It is a way to make football an instrument that puts us all on the same conditions. The British are doing it: it is not a dry average, but it takes into account many corrections, such as home games, away matches, games to play, goals scored and conceded, which give a principle of fairness to a ranking that must be weighted if weighting is required. It is a sort of assurance on the conduct of the championship, because I am convinced that if we all continue to apply the rules, also giving a civil and moral testimony, which I hope each of us has in itself, however, it should come to an end without further gasps. Stadium fans? It is a wish, I sincerely wish it. I am following the trend of availability within theaters and arenas for cultural events. It is unthinkable that, with all precautions, in a 60 or 80 thousand-seat stadium, there cannot be a minimum percentage of people. I hope that even then a signal of hope will arrive for the country, which would reward many football fans. Playoffs and playouts for next year? There is no decision right now. There is a draft program drawn up by the League of A, it seems to me that the calendar is such as to allow the championship to take place starting from September 12, but also later. If there should be objective impediments, as you know art. 218 of the DL Relaunch allows the FIGC to derogate from some rules of the sports system and to reorganize the season “.

12:01 – Today, the Serie A League will officialize the calendar of the maximum Italian championship which will resume on June 19 with the first two recoveries of the 25th day (Turin-Parma and Verona-Cagliari, the following day Atalanta-Sassuolo will be played instead and Inter-Sampdoria): as reported by Corriere della Sera, from that day until August 2 will be played every day.

11:48 – Up to now there has always been talk of the championship being restarted behind closed doors, but in the last hours a new hypothesis would be making its way: “Serie A, the idea: stadiums open with 25% of the seats” is the title of this morning of Republic. Figc and Lega will ask the fans to open the facilities to 25% of the capacity.

11:00 – “From the games at 10 to five changes. In order to finish the Serie A is ready for anything”. This is the title that La Stampa dedicates to Italian football in the high cut of the first page this morning. Very few challenges at 5.15 pm to avoid the great heat and never in Lecce and Naples. In the event of a new stop – read on page 36 – a mathematical coefficient will decide the final classification. The special effects on the empty stands are also ready.

10:46 – “Football already in phase 3 with the fans in the stadiums. But there are those who still say no”: this is the title of today’s edition of Il Giornale which explains that some clubs, such as Juventus and Sassuolo, push for the partial reopening of the stadium to fans in July. The last word will obviously go to the government.

10:34 – “The algorithm that makes a goal more than the Devil”: this is how headlines Repubblica this morning about the algorithm that would be used to draw up the Serie A ranking if the championship were to be stopped again. With the ranking weighted by three factors, namely home and away performance, the number of games played and the goals scored, Milan would be behind Verona and Parma and therefore outside of Europe.

10:15 – Regarding the resumption of the championship and the famous algorithm in case of a new Serie A stop, Paolo Scaroni, number one of the Rossoneri club, told Radio Rai 1: “I am focused on plan A, I hope there is no I need neither Plan B nor Plan C. This debate is of little interest to me, I am focused on Plan A. Europe? I hope to arrive in Europe with the Italian Cup but if it doesn’t happen we will fight in the championship “.

09:35 – In the sports section of Corriere della Sera there is talk of the restart of Italian football. “Ripresa da grandi” writes the newspaper on page 40. The point on the state of health of the seven big names including news such as the five substitutions and upset calendars. The effects of the stop and the new dates of the cups could change the hierarchies.

09:23 – Space on the first page of the Gazzetta dello Sport also at the restart of the championship: “Serie A is born at night”. Today there will be the definition of the new calendar until the third last day. Government approval to anticipate the Italian Cup to 12 June is also expected. Only 10 games out of 124 at 5.15 pm. Over half of the championship at 9:45 pm. The ranking with the algorithm: a chorus of no.

08:48 – “Ripartiamo così” is the opening title chosen by Corriere dello Sport on newsstands this morning. Italian Cup and championship, football returns in 2 weeks. Cup semi-finals on 12 and 13 if the go-ahead for advances comes from the government. The A starts again on the 20th and 21st with the recoveries of the 25th day. First Turin-Parma match. Today the new calendar without the last 3 shifts. Contracts: draft agreement between the FIGC, the League and trade unions. Plan C: algorithm on the English model. Without fans, 90 million in smoke.



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