LIVE MN – Serie A, decisive day for free kick. The turning point for quarantine is near?


12:14 – By June 20, the date of the resumption of Serie A, the procedures and therefore the format for the play offs and play outs indicated by the Federal Council as plan B in case of a new stop must be clarified. The Football League may present its own proposal, which will take into account the need to avoid sports inequities. Scoring posts could be placed, as happens for the Serie B playoffs, beyond a certain distance in the standings the team in question would not be calculated to participate in the matches for relegation or European placings. A way to possibly safeguard the results obtained on the field until the stop. The only sure thing remains the need to indicate the modalities within the restart, for the rest, everything is still at stake. To report it is Il Corriere dello Sport.

11:25 – Walter Ricciardi, member of the WHO executive committee and Councilor of Minister Speranza, spoke on Rai 3 and said: “In Lombardy we should test more and improve the tracking system because over 80% of the infections occur in the family Factories are under control

10:46 – The question of the two-week quarantine of the whole team in the event of a new positive always hangs over the Serie A which will restart in ten days. According to Repubblica, this knot that puts the whole championship at risk could be dissolved thanks to a new test: in fact, an instant serological test device is being validated which would allow immediate daily tests. By shortening the time to get results, the duration of the quarantine could also be reduced.

10:34 – “Playoffs and playouts: all to be clarified by June 20th”. This is the title on page 9 that Corriere dello Sport dedicates to the hypothesis of playoffs and playouts in the event of a new stop: “The only certainty is the date to find the agreement between the club and Figc. There is discussion on the format to be adopted. League against sports iniquities “.

09:58 – “League, separatist wind”. This is the title on page 8 that Corriere dello Sport dedicates to the Serie A League: “After the split in the Federal Council on the issue of the playoffs on Monday, the A clubs return to look at the English model. While Gravina is being targeted. In via Rossellini now there are those who want to leave the FIGC and consider the president an enemy to be isolated “.

09:23 – Today’s edition of La Repubblica reports the title of an interview with Adriano Galliani, managing director of Monza and fresh out of promotion in Serie B, in the first page, with the title: “Bravo Gravina, stopped the enemies of football “. The compliments for the federal president come for the management of the CoViD emergency and for the post-pandemic restart, with Italian football preparing to get back on track, after the numerous obstacles encountered in recent months.

08:48 – “Football in the clear: decisive day”. This is the title on page 11 that Corriere dello Sport dedicates to the possibility of seeing the matches in the clear: “Positive signals from broadcasters, but Rai and Mediaset want more. Today Minister Spadafora will meet Sky. The hypothesis of a Direct Goal, however, a few games will be visible to everyone. ”

***** WEDNESDAY JUNE 10 *****

18.23 – Maria van Kerkhove, World Health Organization (WHO) technical director for Covid-19, yesterday’s press conference explained how “it was rare for an asymptomatic person to infect another individual”. Today, however, the correction came from van Kerkhove herself, who partially corrected: “I was misunderstood, we are still studying the asymptomatic. I received many messages and requests for clarification after what was stated yesterday at the press conference. I was responding to a question and not expressing a WHO position. I used the word ‘very rare’ and there was a misunderstanding because it seemed that I was saying that asymptomatic transmission is globally very rare. While I was referring to a limited dataset We need to differentiate what we know, what we don’t know and what we are trying to understand. What we know about Covid-19 transmission is that the infected develop symptoms, but in a part of them this does not happen. We know that the majority of infections occurs from someone who has symptoms to other people through infected saliva droplets. But there is a proportion of people who don’t develop symptoms and we don’t know how to nc still how many, they could be from 6% to 41% of the population that becomes infected, according to estimates. We know that some asymptomatics can transmit the virus and what we need to clarify is how many are asymptomatic and how many of them transmit the infection. What I said yesterday at the press conference referred to small published studies. ”

18:01 – As every day the Civil Protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are today’s data, with the difference compared to 24 hours ago in brackets:

Currently positive: 32,872 (-1,858, -5.35%)
deceased: 34.043 (+79, + 0.2%)
Dismissed / Healed: 168,646 (+2,062, + 1.2%)
Hospitalized in intensive care: 263 (-20, -7.1%)
Buffers: 4.318.650 (+55.003)

Total cases: 235.561 (+283, + 0.12%)

17.44 – Below are the data of the Coronavirus emergency in Lombardy of the last 24 hours:

Currently positive: 18,297 (-1,022)
Buffers performed: 836.313 (+9.848)
Total positives: 90,581 (+192)
Healed / Discharged: 55,967 (+1.199)
Intensive care: 96 (-11)
Inpatients (Non T.I.): 2,660 (-48)
Deaths: 16,317 (+15)

16.19 – Radio Kiss Kiss guest Umberto Calcagno, AIC vice-president, tries to update on the problem of the expiration of the contracts of next June, with the championship still abundantly in progress: “There is no position of ours, the legal positions are shared by all , then there is a higher system interest that FIFA has recommended without obviously imposing. There is an interest of the system that does not escape any of us, in keeping the current squads until the end of the championship. is an agreement on the extension of contracts, but by this weekend or at the latest the next one this problem will hopefully be resolved. The rules on registration for the championship foresee the possibility of litigation, if today we wanted to think about this, the compensation for a season that is lengthening, we have a situation connected to hypothetical appeals that can be produced on August 31, we cannot be certain by sitting at the negotiating table, it is a which only society can decide. Any company that has not reached agreements with members, can appeal with a Pec to introduce an appeal on the months of March and April. It is clear that the dispute will be far from obvious “.

14:38 – The head of the WHO anti-Covid-19 technical team, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, explained yesterday yesterday’s UN agency briefing that “it is very rare for an asymptomatic person to transmit coronavirus”. To report it is the issuer Cnn. The doctor has chairo that, analyzing the data of several countries that are following asymptomatic cases, it emerged that these have not “transmitted the virus”.

13:27 – According to what Alessandro Alciato reported to Sky Sport, the FIGC would have deliberated an important decision for the semi-finals of the Italian Cup: in the event of a tie in the result in the 90th minute, in fact, the teams will go directly to the penalty kicks without playing extra time .

13:01 – The Gazzetta dello Sport returns to all the decisions taken yesterday by the Federal Council, underlining how everyone’s hope is that plan A will overcome the bar and there will be no interruptions to the race for the championship. Because the two possible scenarios in the case of a stop – playoff-playout and application of the algorithm – would inevitably be divisive. The format of the playoffs and playouts will be chosen by the federal president and his two deputies, the vicar Cosimo Sibilia, president of the National Amateur League, and Dal Pino himself, number one of the Serie A. All this before June 20: shortly a League Council will be convened, an assembly is scheduled for next week. The official statement of the end of the Board returns to use the adjective “short” with reference to the playoff and playout. There is talk to be understood to play for the Scudetto at four, at most six, but with compensation for the former. Compensation that cannot be played at home or away (since you play behind closed doors).

12:23 – According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there are over 7 million cases of Coronavirus infections worldwide (7,119,736 to be precise) and over 400 thousand deaths (406,542). The United States is the country most affected with almost two million cases (1,961,185) and 111,007 victims: Brazil and Russia follow in terms of number of infections, while the United Kingdom and Brazil are registered deaths.

09:47 – “The Scudetto only if you play. With the stop playoff and playout or the algorithm”. This is the title that the newspaper Il Messaggero dedicates to Italian football in the high cut of the first page. The FIGC line prevails to close the season: title awarded only if you play, while the algorithm – as we read inside – will serve for Europe and to establish relegations.

09:35 – The newspaper Il Mattino on newsstands this morning dedicates a space on the front page, in the central part, to Italian football with the following title: “The big slap in the Serie A”. Gravina warns companies: “Whoever cheats on checks is out of the league”. And it will insist with the government to reduce the quarantine. Failed – we read on page 16 – the hypothesis block retrocessions, but the algorithm will not assign the championship.

09:23 – “Play-offs and relegations, defeated the untouchable Serie A party”. This is the title that the newspaper La Repubblica dedicates to Italian football in the low cut of its front page. The Federcalcio – it is read – has treated the maximum series as the Series C. Gravina defeats Cairo: the algorithm that the A wanted to abolish remains the balance if it is no longer possible to play.

08:37 – Today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport dedicates the opening to football after the important decisions taken yesterday. “The field wins”, headlines the well-known sports newspaper of the capital, which then always adds on the front page: “Playoffs and algorithm in case of stop: the Gravina line passes. Federal Council, isolated League: 18 to 3 the final vote. Tension FIGC-presidents. Those who cheat on contagion cases risk being excluded from tournaments. Market, via September 1st “.

08:25 – “And now reopen the stadiums”. It is the title that today’s edition of Tuttosport dedicates on the front page to our football. “After the decisions of the Federal Council – writes the well-known Turin sports newspaper – the idea of ​​readmitting the fans at least at the end of the season takes shape”.

08:13 – The Gazzetta dello Sport on newsstands this morning dedicates ample space on the front page to the situation of Italian football, after yesterday’s Federal Council. “Playoffs yes, does the League go away?”, Headlines the roseate, who then adds: “In plan B there are also the playouts. In C the weighted average”. The Gazzetta, always on the front page, then dwells on the decisions of the FIGC: “Silencing a positivity is like rigging a match. Market from September 1 to October 5. The women’s tournament has been canceled”.

***** TUESDAY JUNE 9 *****

18.07 – As every day, the civil protection has issued the national bulletin concerning the Coronavirus emergency. These are the data:

• Currently positive: 34,730
• Deceased: 33,964 (+65, + 0.2%)
• Discharged / Healed: 166.584 (+747, + 0.5%)
• Intensive care patients: 283 (-4, -1.4%)
• Tampons: 4,263,647 (+27,112)

05.05 – According to what Alessandro Alciato reported on Twitter, the first verdict of the FIGC algorithm has arrived. The Women’s Serie A has been permanently suspended and between Milan and Fiorentina, both paired in second place at 35 points, the purple club was the winner thanks to the algorithm calculations. The Rossoneri of Ganz will therefore close third in the league, while Fiorentina as second will go to the Champions League.

16.55 – According to Sky Sport, the Scudetto will not be awarded after the final suspension of the Women’s Serie A. Instead, the algorithm will decide who will go to the Champions League between Milan and Fiorentina. L’Orobica relegated to Serie B, promoted to Napoli.

16.50 – What will happen if some companies violate the protocol? On the sidelines of today’s Federal Council, the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, after announcing a strengthening in the pool of doctors who will supervise compliance with the rules prescribed by the CTS, clarified: “Sanctions are foreseen ranging from the fine to penalty points up to to the exclusion of the championship, in the event that there should be an attitude that will alter the sports result “.

16.48 – Gabriele Gravina, speaking on the microphones of TMW Radio, spoke of the possibility of lightening the quarantines in the context of the resumption of the championship: “We must have a close confrontation with Speranza and Spadafora. I don’t know if the quarantines can be alleviated but we believe they can be the conditions to prevent our championship from going on “.

16.43 – On the sidelines of today’s Federal Council, the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, commented on the rejection of the Serie A requests: “Today football has shown consistency. I am convinced that we will find a relationship of compactness. Today the League of A does not come out defeated, although some requests have not been accepted, which were not in line with what was established on May 20. A mini tournament like playoff and playout is still better than an algorithm. ”

16.39 – On the sidelines of today’s Federal Council, Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, comments on the decisions taken by Italian football: “They are the result of a reflection carried out in the coming months, with the need to close the championships. We are going to do it on the pitch. We reinserted the use of a different format as a guarantee system for the completion of the championship, as requested by UEFA, before resorting to the algorithm. We start on the 20th, after the first post-Covid trophy that is the Italian Cup, with the aim of closing the championship: we know there can be risks. If a temporary blockade of the championship occurs by 10-15 July, a different format will be used: playoffs or playouts ”.

Do you feel like a winner?
“No, today he won football, in full consistency. We have decided not to stay out of the international plan.”

16.25 – The FIGC, through an official press release, has announced the terms for professional membership for the 2020/2021 season, that is to say the dates of the transfer market for the next vintage: “The Federal Council has established the terms of membership for the next sports season: from 1st September to 5th October 2020; from 4th January to 31st January 2021 “.

15.40 – A decision regarding the number of teams expected to participate in any Serie A playoffs and playouts, the format chosen by the FIGC in the event of a new league stop, was not taken today, and should not arrive in the day. Today’s meeting was instead scheduled only to put the use of the reduced format on black and white if the maximum championship was stopped again by a positivity or by the return of the epidemic.

14:29 – The decision has been made. The Federal Council, which ended a few minutes ago, has established what plans B and C are in case the Serie A championship should stop again. The first option is that which involves the playoff and playout dispute to establish both the Scudetto winner and the relegations, but if they could not play, due to lack of time, the algorithm would be used. In this case, no Scudetto, but qualifications for the cups and relegated teams would still be established with the mathematical formula.

14:28 – Important news related to the Serie C championship coming from the Federal Council which ended a few minutes ago. Monza, Vicenza and Reggina have in fact been promoted to Serie B, while the Lega Pro will restart with playoffs and playouts, to establish the latest promotion and the various relegations: Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti will restart from Serie D.

14:03 – According to Sky reports, among the decisions taken by the Federal Council there is also the definitive stop to the Women’s Serie A.

14:02 – The first rumors emerge from the Federal Council being held in Rome. According to what has been collected by our editorial staff, regarding the relegation block proposed by the Serie A, the line of the FIGC president, Gabriele Gravina, has instead passed and the algorithm will be used to establish the verdicts. 18 votes in favor and 3 against: the Council approved Gravina’s proposal in case of a new stop in the championship. The algorithm will also serve to establish qualifications for European competitions and relegations. Playoffs and playouts can only be played in the event of a stop by a certain date, which could be July 10, after which only space for the algorithm.

13:56 – The week that has just started will lead us to the recovery of Italian football, with the Italian Cup challenges between Juventus and Milan and between Naples and Inter. From next week onwards to Serie A but Corriere dello Sport this morning talks about the quarantine node, which could blow up the bank even before starting again. A few days before the start, the parameters of the doctors become mandatory and rigorous: any positive would start the isolation for 14 days, immediately putting the painstakingly conceived calendar at risk.

12:00 – The algorithm for determining the ranking in the event of a definitive stop of the Serie A, without being able to count on the time necessary for the playoff and playout dispute has not been set aside and in today’s Federal Council it will be back in fashion, given that the resolution of the A on the blocking of retrocessions will be rejected. Companies that thought they would use it only to define the valid positions for participation in the next European cups will be disappointed and if appeals are made, the FIGC is convinced that the relaunch decree puts it in a strong position. To report it is the Corriere dello Sport.

11:48 – The possible violation of the protocol will be discussed in today’s Federal Council. According to what reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport the “serious violation”, for example not to perform the swabs, will be equated to the sporting offense and the sanctions could suffer from a fine and a penalty, even up to the exclusion from the championship.

11:36 – The clubs are divided on the second half, but the FIGC aims to restart the Women’s Serie A too. The last hypothesis, according to today’s edition of Corriere della Sera, are short playoffs and playouts to decide Champions and relegations, while the title would go to Juventus: all would be played in a single venue in late July with anti-Covid protocol provided and paid for by the Federation.

11:17 – The theme of promotions and relegations is on the agenda, in view of the Federal Council of 12, and the president of the Italian Footballers Association, Damiano Tommasi spoke about it in an interview with Corriere dello Sport: “We have not received no official communication, so we do not even know if there will be a decision to be made or a vote to be held. There is only one certain figure. In the last federal council, the continuation of the professional championships and the permanence of promotions and relegations were deliberated. Why should this be called into question? We know the Serie A League. Those assemblies always go in a certain way. There is little to be surprised. Unity of purpose? Maybe the unity of purpose has formed right around to this freezing proposal. ”

11:12 – “From lockdown to countdown. But first football plays the war of the algorithm”: this is how Il Giornale explains this morning that explains that this week Italian football will restart with the two semi-finals of the Italian Cup return (Friday Juventus-Milan and Saturday Napoli-Inter), but first there is another very important appointment, namely the Federal Council of today, during which it will be decided in particular what will be done in case of a new championship stop.

11:09 – The female Serie A players take a position in view of today’s Federal Council: “We learn of the proposal to end the championship with a reduced play-off and play-out formula that would involve six of the twelve teams in our league. We don’t share it: we don’t let’s see how sporting merit can be protected with a game mode that in our opinion would not guarantee true fairness “is the AIC statement reported by the SkySport website.

10:46 – Important day for Italian football, with the Federal Council at 12 o’clock, in which Gravina, Lotito, Ghirelli, Sibilia and Calcagno (the others in video conference) will be present in Rome, which unless surprises will reject the Friday resolution of the Serie To who wanted the blockade of relegations. In the vote, the majority of the 21 preferences will be on Gravina’s side. The relegations will be there and to protect themselves, in case of a new stop, the FIGC president will withdraw the playoffs and playouts. All or almost all will support Gravina, starting from Sibilia, president of the National Amateur League, up to that of the Lega Pro Ghirelli and B Balata, with its compact companies against the resolution wanted by Turin, Sampdoria and Udinese and supported by 13 other clubs of Serie A. To report it is the Corriere dello Sport.

10:36 – The name that has been attributed to him is “Lodo Giulini”, given that it was the president of Cagliari who spoke about it, and in view of today’s Federal Council at 12 o’clock it represents perhaps the most viable way to establish relegations in B and promotions in A According to what reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport it would be a matter of abandoning the maximum championship to the last two of the classification, to date SPAL and Brescia, with relative two promotions, of Benevento and Crotone. According to Lodo Giulini himself, it is unfair that a third team can be promoted without the use of the playoffs: in the event of tournament stops, the average points cannot be worth against the third last of A.

10:10 – “FIGC-Lega, the showdown”, is the title of Il Messaggero today on newsstands. Scudetto, retrocessions and the anti-sly rule: it’s the day of reckoning. In Via Allegri in Rome this morning a Federal Council is staged which promises to be very hot. One of the most important. Fundamental for the resumption of the championship. The Serie A has given a mandate to its representatives in the Council, Dal Pino, Lotito and Marotta to fight to prevent the algorithm from being decisive for scudetto and relegations in the event that these are not mathematical at the time of a possible new stop.

09:58 – “Today the FIGC council rejects the Cairo award”, headlines today’s edition of Tuttosport in high cut. Noon of fire in Rome today, where the FIGC council will be staged. The football association will reject the League’s proposal to block relegations. Then there will be the “anti-cunning rule” to be discussed and approved. A federal council that promises to be very heated and that could give twists.

09:54 – In today’s Federal Council at 12 noon the draft agreement necessary for the extension of player contracts until 31 August will also be examined. The FIGC, the Lega Serie A and the Italian Footballers Association will talk about it: the players still have doubts about the hypothesized formula and there are some corners to be smoothed. It will be a first confrontation between the parties, then, starting from tomorrow, the discussion will come alive. To report it is the Corriere dello Sport.

09:47 – Regarding the restart of Serie A, today’s edition of the Corriere della Sera headlines thus: “Relegation and quarantine: time for big decisions”. In today’s Federal Council, the blockade of relegations requested by clubs will be discussed, but this hypothesis will hardly pass. On the resumption of the championship, however, always the quarantine issue: in case of a new positive, 14 days of isolation for the whole team, but FIGC and Lega hope to convince Minister Speranza next week to a change of course on this issue.

09:35 – “Scudetto and Serie B: the FIGC rejects the club plan”. This is the title on page 2 that Corriere dello Sport dedicates to the plan formed by the Serie A League: “Scudetto and relegation only if there is arithmetic? With just three of you, the maximum championship project is destined to be missed. Today the Federal Council “.

08:24 – “Full speed ahead”. This is the title with which today’s edition of the Corriere dello Sport opens on newsstands this morning in reference to the verdicts of the FIGC: “Today the Federation relaunches the playoff and algorithm. Discounted the rejection of the document voted by the Serie A League. Gravina wants to continue the program agreed with the government: in case of stops, judgments based on results or weighted points average “.



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