Live – It is not D’Urso, Asia Argento replies to Morgan and Eleonora Giorgi apologizes to her


Barbara D’Urso conquers the audience once again with its Sunday show, bringing many guests to the studio and tackling topics of great interest. The last episode of Live – It’s not the D’Urso also saw the heated intervention by Asia Argento.

Tonight, Barbara D’Urso’s broadcast has returned to shed light on some of the most controversial current affairs, talking about it in the studio and in video connection with many guests. And in the second part of Live – It’s not the D’Urso, as has been happening for several weeks now, the presenter has given way to some gossip. In particular, Barbara has left Asia Argento the opportunity to respond to the accusations that Morgan has launched in recent days. In fact, the artist revealed that when they were together, Asia would have beaten him several times during sleep.

The actress, in video connection with the Canale 5 show, did not hesitate to address the topic: “I sleep at night. But why would I have to beat him at night? He invented everything because he is crazy, we all know it. ” And again: “We feed his madness by giving him space, making him talk. He is a person who has serious problems, you should cure and not only detoxify, but without cameras “- continued Asia, referring to Morgan’s request for help, who would like to follow a detoxification path under the spotlight.

Silver then retraced along with Barbara D’Urso some of the highlights of his relationship with Marco Castoldi and what happened when their story was wrecked. On this occasion, the actress revealed a few more details: “I left him 14 years ago, my daughter and I escaped her clutches. […] He is a person suffering from narcissistic disorder, he cannot be helped unless he seeks help “.

During the evening, Asia also touched on other topics, including the immense pain for the death of her partner Anthony Bourdain and the Weinstein case. Eleonora Giorgi, guest in the studio at Live – It is not D’Urso, took the opportunity to apologize to the actress: at the time she had been one of her most avid detractors, but in all this time she had the opportunity to reflect . “I became aware and I want to thank you. Sorry, I had to mature. Do you think that paradox, for one of my age: they used to have us from an early age that with a man alone in a room we were not because he had the right to be an orc and we had the duty to be able to say no. therefore sorry if I judged you“.

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