Live coronavirus, peak of cases in Leicester, the lockdown in GB returns. Record of casualties in Argentina


The closings are back in Britain. Boom of cases of coronavirus it’s at Leicester, in GB, intensifies the lockdown, with the block starting tomorrow and for two weeks of non-essential shops, pubs, restaurants and hairdressers. Schools also closed from Thursday. Health Minister Matt Hancock explained that the cases in Leicester “continued to grow” with an infection rate three times higher than the next highest city, Leeds, and added that the “difficult” decision to impose measures will be reevaluated in two weeks. Police intervention may be required to enforce the lockdown in Leicester. British Health Minister Matt Hancock told Skynews explaining that “changes to the laws” will be made in the coming days in order to implement the measures anti-coronavirus in the city of central England where there has been an increase in infections. “In some cases, law enforcement intervention may also be necessary,” said the minister who, in agreement with the government, decided to impose the closure of non-essential shops today and from school for two weeks from Thursday.

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Coronavirus Fiumicino, infected client: «Too many cases from Bangladesh»

Coronavirus, 500,000 in lockdown near Beijing. Worldwide 10 million infections

Record in Argentina. In the past 24 hours, 48 ​​people with coronavirus have died in Argentina, which has been a record for a day since the pandemic broke out in March. The victims have now risen to 1,280, while cases of infection have reached 62,268. In a statement, the Ministry of Health indicated that 535 patients are in intensive care with an occupancy rate of 50.6% of the availability of beds in the capital Buenos Aires and 55.9% of those in the metropolitan area (Amba, capital plus the suburbs). Recent statistics have confirmed that the AMBA collects 95% of the coronavirus cases that occur in these days in Argentine. For this reason, a new tight lockdown phase will start tomorrow which will last until 17 July. The movement of people will be severely limited and only those involved in the necessary services will have access to the public transport network. Only the essential shops will remain open (pharmacies, groceries, supermarkets, service stations, restaurants and bars only for takeaway food) while about 70,000 shops that had reopened in the ‘duè phase will have to close their doors again.

Coronavirus, WHO: “The worst is yet to come.” Use, closings are back

Coronavirus, in Germany lockdown in 2 districts for the slaughter case. Brazil, 1.2 million infections in Sao Paulo

Lockdown in Australia. The Australian state of Victoria has reintroduced the lockdown in 10 neighborhoods on the outskirts of Melbourne after a sudden increase in coronavirus cases. Cnn reports it. The measures will remain in effect until July 29, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews announced. In the 10 affected areas, you will only be able to go out “to shop, take care of people in need, play sports, work or study if you can’t do it at home”. Access to gyms, swimming pools and libraries will be limited, while cafes and restaurants will only return to take-away and delivery services. There are 64 Covid-19 cases registered in the last hours in the state of Victoria, an increase for the 14th consecutive day.

The bar in the US where 100 are infected. At least 107 cases registered in the city of East Lansing, Michigan are related to the same local. Local health authorities said so as reported by the CNN. Everyone who attended the Harper’s Restaurant & Brew Pub between 12 and 20 June was invited to go into self-isolation at home and report any cases of Covid-19. The managers of the venue have ensured that they have implemented all the guidelines and the spacing measures between the tables. “We reopened on June 8 to 50% of our capacity in line with the governor’s recommendations,” it is written on the restaurant’s Facebook pages.

The growth of the coronavirus pandemic curve is always clear in Latin America, but with signs, however, in the last two days of lesser force both for the infections, now 2,530,106 (+45,474), and for the dead, which are 113,689 (+1,755). This is what emerges today from a statistical elaboration carried out by Ansa on the official data of the last 24 hours of 34 between Latin American nations and territories. Brazil, the first country in Latin America and the second in the world for infections and deaths, foreshadows this moderation with an increase of 24,052 cases, after 30,476 yesterday, for a total of 1,368,195. The same is true for deaths, which rose to 113,689, after yesterday’s +552 and today’s +692, which is figures well below the average of the past few weeks. Peru (282,365 and 9,504) and Chile (275,999 and 5,575) follow, and then other countries with more than 30,000 infections: Mexico (220,657 and 27,121), Colombia (95,043 and 3,223), Ecuador (55,665 and 4,502), Argentina (62,268 and 1,280), the Dominican Republic (31,816 and 726), Panama (31,686 and 604) and Bolivia (31,524 and 1,014).

From the rich world to the poor world. The UN World Food Program (WFP) today announced a massive increase in the number of hungry people it expects to assist worldwide, while the devastating socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic pushes further millions of people into food insecurity in low and middle income countries. “The front lines in the war against coronavirus are moving from the rich to the poor world,” said WFP Executive Director David Beasley. “Until you have a medical vaccine, food is the best vaccine against chaos – he added – Without it, we could see an increase in protests and social unrest, an increase in migration, an aggravation of conflicts and widespread undernutrition among populations that were previously immune to hunger “. In order to cope with the rising tide of hunger, the UN agency will undertake the largest humanitarian response in its history, increasing the number of people it attends up to 138 million, from the record number of 97 million in 2019.

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