Live broadcast of today’s annular solar eclipse


A ring of fire will greet the arrival of summer 2020. Italy will be affected only very marginally, but it can be seen streaming from 7:30 am

The June 21st is the day ofannular eclipse of the Sun., an event that occurs when the Moon – close to its maximum distance from Earth (apogee) – stands between us and our star, leaving however glimpses of the perimeter. Insured show, at least for those in Central Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, China, Pacific Ocean. In Italyinstead, weather permitting, we can see apartial solar eclipse from the central-southern regions. Luckily we can watch it streaming, thanks to the live broadcast that you see here at the top of the Virtual Telescope by Gianluca Masi, from our 7:30 (the peak of the eclipse, in India, will be to ours 8:40).

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