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“I think the story of my quarrel with Pjanic is one of the biggest hoaxes of the season. Maybe he’s one of the guys I have the most contact with, dialectical comparison, maybe one of the guys I have the best relationship with. ” With these words Maurizio Sarri tried to put out the fire that broke out following a break with Miralem Pjanic. Because precisely the special relationship between the two is what remains to keep the Bosnian united with the Juvand despite being now head elsewhere, possibly in Barcelona. Because it is precisely the special relationship between the two that has served to avoid the definitive breakup prematurely, with an episode that has equally left its mark.PJANIC LEAVES – We are in May, it is time for individual training at Continassa. But Pjanic is not what Sarri would like, he is even worse than the one who had already made many teammates turn up their nose (to put it mildly) before the lockdown. He seems listless, distracted, does not commit himself as he should and Sarri would demand. The Commander calls him back, raises his voice, insists. What about Pjanic? Instead of changing gears, he leaves, certainly not in silence. One episode among many of this controversial Juventus management of Sarri, who then had the opportunity and time to confront the Bosnian and recover the situation. Precisely by virtue of that “special relationship”, which had also been undermined by a tough confrontation after Lyon with the consequent rejection of pre-Inter.

AND NOW … – And now Pjanic and Sarri seem a bit on the same boat. Not (or at least not only) because they want to win what remains to be won. How much because they find themselves in their place thanks to an unprecedented situation rather than by choice. They can still change history, especially Sarri. But we need a change of course, maybe together they will succeed with less difficulty. Surely Pjanic will go away, Sarri depends on the admitted results that will suffice. Now Pjanic will have to continue playing, by force and not by choice: without Sami Khedira, with Adrien Rabiot who he is, waiting for Aaron Ramsey, the deck is short and even if he went to port immediately the exchange with Arthur will have to provide his contribution until August. Meanwhile, Juve’s sarrist project begins to crumble, one crack after another: now Pjanic is a problem, will Sarri be able to turn it into a solution despite everything?

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