LinusTechTips apologizes to Epic Games for the recent statements on the SSD


Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of talk about the strong statements by Tim Sweeney on ‘SSD of PlayStation 5. The Epic Games CEO has repeatedly praised the particular component of the next generation Sony console, attracting the ire of all PC players.

Among the characters who criticized Sweeney there was also Linus Sebastian, famous content creator and manager of the YouTube channel dedicated to technology LinusTechTips, which boasts 11 million members and is perhaps the most popular among those who deal with this topic. However, it seems that the good Linus has reflected on his previous statements by deciding to apologize publicly with Epic Games and, specifically, with Tim Sweeney through the publication of a special video. Reflecting in depth on what has emerged in recent days, the technology expert has in fact declared that he is aware of the potential of the PlayStation 5 SSD and that thanks to the optimization of Sony hardware, results that are currently impossible on PC architectures could be achieved. It is no coincidence that just recently we are talking more and more often about the possibility of updating the PCs of the future thanks to PS5.

Before leaving you to the video, in which Linus explains in detail the reasons behind his rethinking, we remind you that the new images of the PlayStation 5 dev kits have sprung up on the net in the last hours, which show the cooling system in a very precise way .

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