Lingotto | bidirectional cycle path along via Nizza


The executive project of the new bidirectional cycle path section that along via Nizza from piazza Carducci will reach via Biglieri, in the Lingotto area, has been approved today by the City Council. The intervention will allow the completion of the layout of one of the main entry routes into the city and serving university areas, hospitals, the Lingotto exhibition center, the skyscraper of the Region and the future City of Health, identified in Biciplan as the main route 4.

The new stretch, about 1 kilometer long, will have a trajectory almost parallel to via Nizza which will initially develop, between Piazza Carducci and via Tepice, under the trees and then move, continuing towards the outside of the city, on the left side of the away, close to the sidewalk.

Along the path affected by the work, the traffic light systems will be adapted and tactile paths for the visually impaired will be inserted near the pedestrian crossings with consequent partial modification of the slides, if necessary. Street furniture and bicycle racks will find their place in some free spaces that are not suitable for parking vehicles. Other stalls will be relocated, moving them away from the path of the cycle path, to ensure safe descent from vehicles.

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The expected expenditure for the intervention, which should be completed by the end of September, is almost 300 thousand euros and will be paid by Eataly Real Estate Srl.

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