Liguria, traffic on tilt for work on the highway: up to 12 kilometers of queue towards Genoa. And Autostrade wants to totally close 14 routes


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The last jams I’m on Friday: 6 kilometers of tail in the morning between Genoa East is Nerves, along the A12 towards Livorno, due to a delay an hour and a half in the reopening in the section, closed to allow the opening of a gap that allows the inspections in some galleries. And in the afternoon, with tourists arriving from Piedmont is Lombardy heading towards the sea for the weekend, the situation has worsened in several sections affected by the construction sites with tails up to 12 kilometers at the junction A12-A7 Milan-Genoa is Genoa Nervi. Other kilometer snakes have formed on theA7 between Genoa Bolzaneto and the junction A7-A12 Genoa-Livorno, always for work, as well as on theA10 Genoa-Ventimiglia is between Celle Ligure and crossroads A10-coplanar Savona.

A war report, that of the Ligurian traffic, which suffocates between closures, construction sitesroadway jumps. And the Autostrade plan is likely to permanently send in tilt there road conditions along the major regional arteries, with repercussions also along the Aurelia and in the countries, as happened in the past weeks ad Arenzano. One “Crushing” of the Riviera di Levante, the mayor of Rapallo defines it Carlo Bagnasco talking about a “no longer sustainable” situation, while the governor Giovanni Toti asks for “seriousness” e “Rapidity” to the concessionaire and al Ministry of Transport because “we can’t go on like this”.

With the tourist season just around the corner, the fear of paralysis is spreading. And there are two days left to find a solution that avoids Autostrade from proceeding with its plan for inspections galleries, whose first tranche must end by 15th of July. Methods of intervention, timing and problems are the latest aftermath of the collapse of Morandi bridge, of the surveys and the battle on the revocation of the concession that triggered. A Pandora’s Box of problems, inefficiencies is holes in regulations who presented the bill to motorists.

Most of the problems of the past few weeks are attributable to the need for the dealership to inspect the tunnels. And do it quickly. July 15th expires on term established by Ministry of Transport for checks. Despite the numerous night closings arranged, with deviations on the opposite carriageways, Autostrade believes it will not succeed in time. And – as reported by The 19th century – sent a plan to the MIT which provides for the total closure, day and night, weekends excluded, of 14 traits deploying a task force of a hundred people to accelerate. A plan that could start as early as next week, unless the green light for a postponement of the term arrives from Rome. An answer is expected within Mondayotherwise the dealership is ready to proceed.

In the past few hours he had already communicated to the mayor of Rapallo the closure of the section of theA12 until Chiavari, in both directions, from 22 on Friday to 6 on Saturday. “Autostrade crushes the Riviera di Levante. The situation is no longer sustainable “, commented the first citizen when faced with a decision, wrote Bagnasco,” that will completely paralyze the viability of the city of Rapallo “. “It is no longer permissible for them to arrive peremptory communications of closures that do not take into account the summer season, and the many tourist arrivals at the weekend – the mayor’s reasoning – Liguria must live by tourismso you can’t go on. ” A decision then revised by the dealership: “A result obtained as a result of the constant stresses”, specifies Bagnasco.

A critical moment arrived at between Autostrade’s shortcomings and generic legislation, stopped at 1967. So when the December 30th last year a piece of the Bertè gallery, along the A26, gave way, we found ourselves in front of an old legislative framework of 53 years old which, with regard to the checks on the tunnels, was a lot generic. At that point Autostrade proposed – and obtained the go-ahead – to its own protocol for controls. Much has been done, but a end of May the ministry also asked for it disassembly and the inspection of onduline that convey the rainwater for a check on infiltrations. Deadline: June 30th. Hence the need to speed up, arrange the night closings and now also the risk of a total block of some sections to finish the works by mid-July.

With the possibility – he explains The 19th century – that from the Ministry of Transport an ok will arrive for an extension in the next few hours. In the meantime, Autostrade is preparing to implement its plan and Liguria proceeds to snail step. A hypothesis that sent the governor Giovanni Toti in a rage: “We will not allow Liguria to remain paralyzed. Seriousness, speed are needed ”. And he asks “a palternative plan “ that ”allows the region to restart and to the Ligurians and to the many tourists from don’t stay in line for hours to travel a few kilometers, so we can’t go on. ”

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