Liga, baby Romero introduces itself: record debut of the ‘new Messi’


ROME – “I put my hand on his heart upon entering the field and I felt that it was beating very hard”. Vicente Moreno with that gesture may have carved out a small space in the history of football. He is the Mallorca manager, and on a warm night, even without the sighs of the public, he circled the 84th minute of the match against Real Madrid in red. He has in fact thrown into the fray Luka Romero, which the agitated and often tam tam cuddles of international football indicate as yet another heir to Leo Messi. Who knows … In the meantime Romero took a record: that handful of minutes, few but on balance higher than that of the balls played, made him the youngest player who ever played a game in the Spanish league. At 15 years and 219 days he ousted Francisco Bao Rodriguez “Sanson” from the throne, who on the last day of the year of 1939 had played with Celta on the field of Sevilla at 15 years and 255 days.Nuovo Messi … It weighs like a boulder just thinking about it. Yet analogies are not lacking. The first is the life path. Romero has three nationalities. He was born in Mexico, where his father was a footballer, he is Argentine like his family, he is Spanish, in Spain his family moved in 2007. Here he began to score goals in clusters with Sant Jordi, near Ibiza, so in 2015, just 10 years old, he arrived in Mallorca. So many passports, but at least no record here: to name one, the Belgian Januzaj, a talent hired by Manchester United tending to fade, as well as with the national team of Lukaku and Mertens, could have played with England, Albania and Serbia.
Nuovo Messi … Romero himself went looking for her. The Barcelona player is his idol, and when it came to choosing the call to answer, he had no doubts: Argentina. First the Under 15, then the Under 17: a participation in a tournament in France was foreseen then Covid blocked everything. Messi idol, ‘imitated’ also in the movements. Left-handed, Romero has the ability to jump men in series and to finish on the net with exceptional speed. Emblematic – easily available on the web – a goal scored at the U15 level in an Argentina-Uruguay, a challenge with a thousand meanings even if twenty-two infants played it.Now that his name has ended up under the headlights of international football and above all on the notebooks of sports directors from all over the world, popularity will present him with the bill. Football had so many in the early days that it lost count. Martin Ødegaard raised a fuss, making his debut at 16 years and 156 days, the youngest ever with the Real Madrid shirt, only to manage the pressure so-so. Now he plays with Real Sociedad, the same team that hired Januzaj. Freddy Adu, an American of Ghanaian origins, was even labeled as a ‘new Pele’ (complete with a Time cover) when he was not yet 14 years old and he was concentrating money and sponsors in the American league. Then only disappointments, with the latest competitive tracks dating back to 2 years ago with the Las Vegas Light, in a place where the green of the game tables annihilates that of the football fields. Gianni Rivera made his Serie A debut with Alexandria who was not yet sixteen years old, then became one of the greatest players ever. Ødegaard, Adu, Rivera. All sprung as springs from the starting blocks, the race was different. In Romero the choice of the right crossroads: Argentina and its idol Messi are waiting.

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