Life annuities, from Bertinotti to Dini (and Cicciolina): the front of the diehards


It was the day of the annuities found, regained for now only in the Senate but then who knows, we will see, perhaps even in the Chamber and then all of us – even the most unfortunate ones who still wait for a euro from the layoffs, or those who are unemployed and unemployed will remain – we all breathed, inside and outside the buildings of politics, the sweetish taste of money.
Of that money.
Of their money.
Years passed to count them, to understand if they were deserved, or too many. Fading images. Here Fausto Bertinotti, first trade unionist among the textile workers of Sesto San Giovanni and then a formidable consumer of cashmere, the leader of the Communist Refoundation whom Giampaolo Pansa calls the “Red Word” and who, in old age, discovers the priests, the Roman salons and the Dom Perignon thus becoming the legendary “BertiNight” (copyright Dagospia): here he is sitting in his Roman house – three Mao by Andy Warhol behind him – and his voice reverberating as he leaves the “Moral and political” conference: “If I would renounce the annuity? Stupid question to which it would be stupid to answer yes. “

No, they never thought about giving it up. The League player Francesco Speroni: «It is not we who are privileged. You are the envious ». The pornstar Ilona Staller, aka Cicciolina – elected with the Radical Party, before moving with Moana Pozzi into that of Love, secretary Riccardo Schicchi – entered the Montecitorio buvette screaming: «I was taking 2 thousand euros, now I am taking only 800 … How do I pay for the light, the gas, the condominium?”. Pure legend the case of Piero Craveri: senator for a week, from 2 to 9 July 1987, then contributions paid up to the end of the legislature to take, on 31 December 2008, an annuity of approximately 2,300 euros per month.

Tragic, amazing, shameless stories. Yesterday, by the interested parties, few and composed comments on the reverse on the cut decided by the Senate Litigation Commission (Litigation: will we ever know the genius who decided to call it that?). The elegant satisfaction expressed in corriere.itfrom Lamberto Dini, 89 years old, returning from the lockdown spent in Costa Rica (you, on your home balcony); the small doses of ill-concealed grudge from the president of the parliamentary association, Antonello Falomi: “Provision child of political propaganda rather than laws and Constitution”; the usual voice stops by Ugo Sposetti, former senator and former treasurer of the DS, feared connoisseur of many secrets, irreducible defender of annuities.

(“Remove the word irreducible. Write: right defender of annuities.”
Go ahead, then.
“You see: politics cannot be violated, because then it takes revenge.”
Was filing annuities violence?
“Yup. It is unacceptable to economically punish political commitment, which instead, in my opinion, must be recognized, defended and encouraged. No, I say: to characters like Emanuele Macaluso or Ciriaco De Mita how can we even think of touching the annuity? ».
But there have been hateful excesses.
“There have been unbearable cases, yes. But this also happens in other areas. He certainly read about what’s going on in the Church, right? The one who puts his hands in the offerings of the faithful, the other who puts them somewhere else … But these are exceptions. What then … »
“They had written so badly, in 2018, the so-called scissor, that someone, like D’Alema, he would have even earned more than before. Having said that, I ask you: do you know what car I ride with? ‘
Frankly, no.
“A ten-year-old Punto, which has taken the place of a rusty and dented Croma, so that at a certain age it calculates badly the measurements, and then rubs, give it the touch …”.
What does all this have to do with annuities?
“Got to do. Because then I arrive at the traffic lights and I am surrounded by flaming SUVs, and everyone observes me a little disgusted from above. Here, it is precisely in those moments, that I ask myself: Ugo, but where did you put the loot mentioned by Di Maio? “).

Because in fact Luigi Di Maio, on that memorable but useless afternoon of July of 2018, with the large group of small players lined up on the square of Montecitorio to announce excited and hasty the “scissors” at the annuities, he spoke of “Swag”.
(“Yes, Di Maio was a rash thread,” he says now Maurizio Paniz, a prominent lawyer who became famous for having managed to get the document in the Chamber that Berlusconi was really convinced he had met Ruby with the granddaughter of the then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and now, in the appeal accepted Thursday evening, heroic defender “About 300 senators, as well as 700 deputies”.
«Ever since the appeal started, I am 137 of my clients died. That Senate resolution was not only unconstitutional, but it was fierce on hundreds of innocent elderly parliamentarians “)
So, at this point, the story takes a slightly cemetery turn.

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