“Libyan coastguard has captured 70 people at sea”





Libyan coastguard has captured 70 people at sea

“At 11.18pm a patrol boat of the so-called ‘Libyan Coast Guard’ completed the interception and capture of ‘over 70 people’ including women and young children on board the dinghy reported by Watch The Med – Alarmphone 52 miles northeast of Measured “. This is the alarm launched by Mediterranea Saving Humans. “Our Ionian Sea, which was a few miles away, offered its willingness to embark the shipwrecked on a safer structure, which could guarantee adequate medical and health care. The Libyan militiamen refused – they explain on social networks – Just as the command of the Libyan patrol boat has denied information on the presence of eight deceased people and a woman who would have given birth on board, as the castaways had reported “.

“Once again money and resources disbursed from Italy to Libya, together with the cooperation of other European governments, led to the deportation of refugees to a country at war” writes Mediterranea Saving Humans.

“No one should be brought back to Libya. Least of all who would have suffered the cruel fate of being born of despair and in the middle of the sea. Castaways are human beings who are not empty to lose” writes UNHCR spokesman Carlotta Sami on Twitter.

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