Libero is the government that imports the virus from Africa


The buongiornissimo, kaffééééé of Libero this morning is dedicated to the 28 shipwrecked positive Coronavirus rescued in international waters by the ship Sea Watch and embark on the quarantine ship Moby Zazà which is at anchor in Porto Empedocle (Agrigento). Virologists graduated from Vittorio Feltri University in a few lines they manage to put us aside from a series of not indifferent scientific discoveries: first of all in Italy COVID-19 “it is almost harmless“- and the relatives of yesterday’s seven dead in Lombardy thank for the information – but on the other hand that of Africa”kills again“. The logical jump in complaining that the 28 infected refugees have landed, in stating a few lines after they are blocked on the ship for the quarantine (sorry, but they had not landed?) And in concluding complaining that no prosecutor accuses the kidnapping government (but if they are in quarantine there is a reason to keep them on the ship, or not?), but if they had come down they would have complained about the opposite (or rather, they have already done so by accusing the executive of a non-existent landing).

It is hardly worth pointing out that this is the current situation of the infected in the world: apart from the South, Africa does not register a higher number of infected than that of the other continents for now, quite the opposite. In the first thirty countries for deaths there is only one African country (South Africa).

coronavirus world
Coronavirus: numbers of the pandemic in the world (Corriere della Sera, 25 June 2020)

Just to put the dots on the i, we remember that the 28 migrants rescued from the Sea Watch ship and positive results at Covid-19 remain for the moment on board the Moby Zazà, together with the other non-EU citizens in isolation. Inside the quarantine ship, which is located in harbor in Porto Empedocle, there was a section for the positives. Immediately after the arrival of the swabs, it was decided to move the 28 infected to the isolated area of ​​the vehicle. At the moment the positives are asymptomatic or with completely mild symptoms and no medical evacuations are foreseen, as happened for two other migrants, one of whom, had tested positive. Instead, the outcome of the swab for the second migrant evacuated and hospitalized in Caltanissetta hospital is expected. The Red Cross, with the coordination of the prefecture and the health authorities, continues to monitor the situation. The Sea Watch crew who rescued the 211 migrants in international waters remain in isolation inside the ship. Instead it would have been rather dangerous if Musumeci, once the shipwrecks arrived in international waters, had boarded the ship to kiss and embrace them without waiting for the results of the tests. So the choice to keep them on the ship serves to do the exact opposite of Libero’s accusation against the government. But these are only details in the end, aren’t they?

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