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Dear director,
the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, claims that politics risks doing more damage than Covid. Flavio Briatore invites the government to go on vacation, to avoid doing damage. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte deserves criticism, but has handled the health emergency better than other leaders, such as Trump in the United States, Johnson in Great Britain or Bolsonaro in Brazil. Despite criticisms from Bonomi and Briatore, demoscopic research says that the majority of respondents approve of the government. Are they right or the polls?
Maurizio Paoli

Dear Mr. Paoli
I believe there are two Giuseppe Conte protagonists for better or for worse in this emergency. Giuseppe number one has faced the health crisis seriously and honestly. With a little confusion and some slips in communication, of course. Everyone acknowledged that he was noticeably better than the Western leaders you mention. He had no ideological positions, he listened to the experts more than the sirens who pushed to go on as if nothing had happened. A sort of father of the family, gifted with common sense, who almost daily instructed the Italians on how to behave.
Joseph number two became a wizard of non-decision, especially on urgent measures to restart the economy and face the business and employment crisis. Lots of announcements but still no real recovery plan. A lot of discussion on future European funds while on those already available (the MES) the worthy choice of Pontius Pilate: refer back to Parliament. Not to mention the parade of the General States with hundreds of acronyms consulted, with the addition of actors, artists, sportsmen and in closing the talented Elisa whom we love on the radio or in concert but do not understand what she was doing to the General States. I think unfortunately the polls have become an obsession with Giuseppe number two: rather than risking a fall in consensus, making decisions that displease someone, better to postpone. The rule in clear politics: when you don’t want to choose, convene a nice table or a great consultation. But can we afford it in this situation?

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