Leosini: Responsible women if they stay with those who beat them, anti-violence centers: Rai stop it


in the picture: Franca Leosini in the episode of Cursed Stories of June 14

Franca Leosini he interviewed Sonia bracelet throughout the program Cursed stories. The woman was sentenced to 21 years in prison because she was accused of being the instigator of the murder of her ex-husband Dino Reatti. Bracelet, who declares himself innocent, claims to have suffered violence from man several times and has shown pictures of bruises and fractures. The journalist Franca Leosini, who also remarked on the horrible treatment suffered, said: “You have a quotient of responsibility as all women have that at the first homage of a slap they don’t give up the man who allowed himself to give it to him “. The conductor ‘s approach aroused the firm reaction of Antonella Veltri, president of D.i.Re, Women in network against violence and representative of a network of 81 organizations that manage anti-violence centers and shelters. Fanpage.it he interviewed her.

Let’s start from the phrase pronounced by Franca Leosini who sparked the controversy.

She turned to Sonia Bracelet almost as if she had been a fool not to leave the man at the first slap. Let’s say that the whole interview is full of stereotypes, insinuations about the alleged behavior of the woman who would have made her husband irritated, angry, therefore almost guilty of having provoked the violence. During the interview, moralistic, ethical judgments about the behavior he had returned “aroused passions in other men”. Overall, Leosini divides women into two groups, according to an ancient gender stereotype.

What distinction do you think Franca Leosini makes?

On the one hand there are respectable women, who behave as they should behave according to an image of a patriarchate that reigns and on the other women who follow their passions, their desires. Leosini denies female freedom. Women must stay in their place, which is the place of obedient wives and mothers. If they make their own mind they must accept all the consequences, as if to say: “You have been looking for it”. It is precisely when a woman exercises her female freedom that violence breaks out. Leaving room for this freedom is the only way to combat male violence.

Sonia Bracciale had also denounced her ex-husband, as Leosini herself recalled.

Yes, but the complaints were of no use. As often happens. The journalist, if we can say so, has not taken the opportunity to investigate because even today in Italy, too many times the women who report are not believed, the processes turn into ordeal. Those who have suffered violence end up on the defendants’ bench. Much more should be said about the poor functioning of Justice.

Based on your experience, why don’t women report immediately as Franca Leosini would wish?

Each woman has a story of her own, it cannot be simplified as it was done in a broadcast like the one we unfortunately witnessed on the Public Service, on Rai. Do you realize the dangerousness of the things this lady has gone on to say and how many people have listened to her? The reasons can be different. There are economic or psychological blackmail, the fear of minor children who sometimes witness repeated violence. In addition, the woman often thinks that the man he loved, whom he married, with whom he established an intimate relationship can repent. Our experiences for over 30 years now have shown that it is not possible.

What do you think is the role of Rai in this affair?

The program is registered. I wonder why nobody on Rai has seen it before. How come they have not recognized secondary victimization and sexism. Leosini behaved exactly like many lawyers who defend the abusers in courtrooms and storm women who report violence with questions that seem to say: “It was you who provoked him”. Such a program should not have aired. Among other things, it does not respect the Istanbul Convention, which calls for special attention from the media to avoid re-proposing sexist stereotypes.

Do you expect a reaction from the Rai management?

I hope that the debate and the protests that the Leosini program is raising will serve to open the eyes of the management. I hope you will stop for a moment. I specify that I have nothing personal against Leosini. I do not know her. I simply say that your message is seriously damaging to those who for years have been fighting for the affirmation of women’s freedom from violence. The visibility of such a program is such that it could harm us. It is the message that conveys that hurts. I think it is important that Rai take responsibility and stigmatize the contents of the program.

Antonella Veltri, President of D.I.RE
in the picture: Antonella Veltri, President of D.I.RE

Going back to violence against women, what is the first alarm bell that should be paid attention to?

There is a cycle of violence. We start from the failure to respect the dignity and will of women, aspects to which we do not give much weight. An economic blackmail, the control of the smartphone, the excessive presence and pressure on the life of the woman independent of the relationship. When this control becomes more exasperated, we are at the first manifestations of violence that can be verbal. Then the first mistreatments, tugging, raise your hands. And away, via an escalation. In Italy there are 150 femicides per year, a stable number that shows no sign of decreasing. 78% of the murdered women were inside the home and 28% had already reported.

Sonia Bracciale was sentenced as the instigator of the murder of her ex-husband. More generally, when a woman victim of violence becomes in some way executioner, does she lose the right to compassion?

Compassion can cross us regardless of the episode. I don’t feel like answering her with a statement, nor with a denial. I certainly believe that this woman has suffered a lot. This does not legitimize a murder. This unhealthy path had to be stopped first, the roots of which are found in the phenomena of man overpowering woman.

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