Lecco, father kills two 12-year-old sons and takes his own life





Lecco, father kills two 12-year-old sons and takes his own life

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There are photos in the mountains, always with the children. Like the one on the ‘cover’ which portrays it together with the two little ones, red backpack on their shoulders, in front of a peak. Thus appears on Facebook, Mario Bressi, the 45 year old originally from Gessate who in the night in Margno (Lc) killed his two twin children of 12 years and then took his own life.

To discover the bodies of the two children this morning was the mother in the family’s holiday home. The body of the father of the children was found in a nearby location. The carabinieri of the Lecco provincial command intervened on the spot and started the investigations.

Sportsman, always smiling, on social media Bressi looks like a loving dad while posing with his son Diego, who holds a cup in his hand, or smiles in the room next to little Elena on a snowy peak.

He says little and nothing about himself: from what you read by scrolling the profile the man followed the AC Monza and Juventus, as seen in the photo that portrays him embraced by his children, with the black and white shirt. The photos with the children are many: at sea, in the mountains, in the pool, on the many trips that took him from the Ayas Valley to the upper Venosta Valley. The man, also passionate about tennis and a fan of Guccini, appears inseparable from his two “puppies”.

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