Lecco, deputy prosecutor Laura Siani found dead in the house


Tragic discovery in Lecco, where, yesterday evening, Monday 1 June, the body of the deputy prosecutor was found in his home, now lifeless Laura Siani.

Laura Siani found dead in her home in Lecco

As reported by the Courier, the first surveys carried out by the police would suggest a voluntary gesture, but for the moment no track has been excluded. A 44-year-old neighbor would have called the carabinieri. In fact, a few days ago it seems that relatives and acquaintances were unable to contact her. Following the report, law enforcement officers broke into the apartment located on the first floor of a building located in via Cavour, a historic street in the center of the city of Lecco, not far from the station and the town hall. Unfortunately for the woman there was nothing more to do, if not note the death.

On the site of the discovery the carabinieri of Lecco, with the lieutenant colonel Claudio Arneodo and the captain Alessio Zanella. in addition to the former chief prosecutor Antonio Chiappani, transferred in recent weeks to the Bergamo prosecutor, and the deputy prosecutors Andrea Figoni and Giulia Angeleri. A police station steering wheel also arrived.

She had dealt with several DIA investigations

Siani was born 44 years ago in Sesto San Giovanni and was the daughter of Dino Siani, a well-known musician and composer who died in 2017, as well as sister of Giorgio Siani, the former mayor of Mandello del Lario, later city councilor in Lecco. The magistrate had moved to Lecco for about two and a half months. Before arriving in the city of Como, she had spent two years in Palermo, where she had dealt with several investigations of the DIA, the Anti-Mafia Investigation Department. He had previously lived in Lodi, where he had taken part in the investigation which led to the arrest of the mayor of the capital Simone Uggetti and a lawyer on suspicion of auction disturbance.

Siani had recently taken over from Dr. Zannini, transferred to Parma. After the police of the carabinieri finished the detections on the scene of the tragedy, the body of the magistrate was transferred to the mortuary of the hospital of the provincial capital. Former chief prosecutor Antonio Chiappani said he was destroyed by the tragic loss. The checks were entrusted to the scientific police and to the carabinieri of Lecco. Still to understand the exact dynamics of death but, according to what has been filtered, it could have been a tragic voluntary gesture.

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