Lecco, children killed by their father. The woman’s lawyer: “No violent separation, unexpected gesture”


The day after the murder of two 12-year-olds by his father who then committed suicide in Margno (Lecco). investigations by the carabinieri continue, coordinated by the prosecutor Andrea Figoni and the chief prosecutor Antonio Chiappani. The computer of Mario Bressi he was kidnapped in his home in Gessate, in the Milan area, by the military of the Arma on the orders of the Lecco prosecutor. The analysis of the PC, which could be entrusted to a consultant, is one of the fundamental elements to allow investigators to ascertain whether the father’s gesture was preordained or if it is due to a “short circuit”.

The 45-year-old sent three WhatsApp messages to his wife, Daniela Fumagalli. The last of the messages would actually be a long letter. It was the woman who found it the bodies of children who seemed to be asleep even if, according to the coroner after an initial examination, the girl was strangled and her little brother suffocated. The mother had rushed to Margno after trying to make contact in vain with her husband, from whom she apparently wanted to separate, and after reading a threatening message.

After killing his children, the man launched himself from the Vittoria bridge in Cremeno in May. They woke the whole country up the screams of the mother. “They don’t wake up, they don’t wake up.” A neighbor said he heard “very strange noises” during the night. It was about 3 in the morning: “I didn’t think about the thieves and I didn’t leave the house”, his regret. “If only they had been more frequent, perhaps I could have done something – he added in tears – The thought of this father who prepares food for his children and then kills them is something monstrous …”.

Originating from Gorgonzola but since 2003 residing in nearby Gessate, in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan, the Bressi family was known in the country. Yesterday the investigators listened to the mother of the two 12-year-olds in the Casargo barracks for about three hours. Biomedical engineer and manager of a sports association, the A.S.D. Gessate’s FreeArt for which her daughter was skating, the woman had turned to a lawyer in Milan to start a separation that did not seem traumatic, so much so that the couple still lived together. The investigators, who want to establish whether the murder-suicide was premeditated, arranged an autopsy on the man and the two children, found on the double bed, where the father reassembled them waiting for his wife to find them.

“I do not know that in recent months there had been threats or complaints or tensions between them – the woman’s lawyer, Davide Colombo explains to Adnkronos -. It was agunexpected, nobody could have foreseen it, there were no apparent tensions that could justify or predict such a gesture “. The woman, the lawyer points out, “never filed complaints against her husband, absolutely nothing had happened. There was absolutely no violent or quarrelsome separation between them. Lhe had no intention of taking his children away from him, on the contrary. Against his father he had nothing to complain about. ” According to some testimonies, the couple would have spent the quarantine together: “I don’t know if they went through the lockdown as separate parties – the lawyer explains – and I can’t say what mood the man was in” when he completed the murder.

The autopsy was scheduled for next Tuesday, with the assignment of the assignment to the pathologist Paolo Tricomi by the Procura di Lecco. The autoptic examination, which also includes toxicological analyzes, will be carried out on the human body. The results of the autopsy will establish, among other things, the time of death – from an initial assessment it was placed between the late evening of Friday and the early hours of yesterday morning – and if, even if no evidence has emerged, the kids have been sedated.

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