Lecce, Liverani warns: “Juve will want to close us immediately”


LECCE – A little over 24 hours after the very difficult trip to Turin with the Juventus, the technician of the Lecce Fabio Liverani he spoke to the Giallorossi official website, making his debut with Antonin’s state of form Barak: “He comes from 15-20 days in which he was stopped and therefore we must increase his minutes without risking a relapse. We must be cautious. For the rest of the injured, ask the medical staff. I cannot give an answer on the precise recovery times”. Liverani will be forced to make forced choices, given the small number of players available: “Our squad is this, unfortunately playing every three days is a disadvantage for us, plus there are aches and minor injuries. The list of absentees is under everyone’s eyes and if you remove 5 of a team of 20 players it becomes 5 difficult to make too many changes. But those who are there give me ample availability: I will try to field a balanced formation to make a careful race “.

The people of Salento are returning from the heavy defeat with Milan:“When you play every three days there is no time to look back. However, we have analyzed the defeat with the staff and we will develop some precautions. We have always said that, to keep this category we have to do something extraordinary. The ordinary individually it will never be enough. The players know very well that for them I would throw myself into the fire, I chose and wanted them. Some I kept them from Series C or from B series and today I am in Serie A. Trust is maximum and it is normal that sometimes I demand the maximum, we must always go further. I have high expectations of myself and also of my players. The trust I had afterwards turin, Naples is Spal was not challenged by a defeat “.

“We will have to make Juve play badly”

“Our morale is not high, when you lose 4-1 at home it cannot be. But we have a strength: we live like this since the beginning of the championship. This is the strength of this team: the past cannot be changed , you can change the present and the future “. The ranking remains black: “The team must always remain alive and must believe in what it does. We will fight with everyone but I am convinced that this team has margins, possibilities and direct clashes to stay in A”. The former Lazio director does not unbalance himself on training: “If I change the defense? It’s a possibility, but men count more than the modules. Rossettini after the lockdown he had a physical problem and skipped a bit of training, he must recover his form but it is a possibility, surely it will be for the next games. We leave for Turin with 14 movement players and I think that for the next 11 matches everyone will have space “. Closing on opponents: “Juve is Juve, he lives to win always and in any case regardless of the opponent. He will want to close us and put the game downhill immediately, they have the quality and mentality to then manage the games. We will have to be good at creating some difficulties for him. , staying compact and not allowing them balls between the lines. We have to make them play badly “.

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