League, shock proposal: ‘If the championship does not end, no league title and relegations’. Gravina Challenge | First page


An important day for our championship: in today’s afternoon, in fact, the 20 Serie A clubs met by videoconference during the assembly. At the end, here is an official note: “The Serie A League Assembly was held this afternoon, with all twenty companies connected by video conference. The composition of the League Council was analyzed at the meeting and it was agreed by vote for the appointment of the new Director to complete the governance at the first useful Shareholders’ Meeting. As regards the principles envisaged by the FIGC Press Release 196 / A, and in view of the relative resolutions that must be taken within the Federal Council on June 8th, the Assembly gave indications to the representatives of the Serie A League to vote in favor of solutions that always safeguard sporting merit if it is not possible to complete the Serie A TIM championship“.THE PLANS B – But what happens in the event of a new championship stop? The hypothesis playoff / playout it remains valid only if the championship does not restart on June 20 with the Turin-Parma match. A new case of coronavirus, in fact, would block the recovery, opening up to the playoffs scenario. In the event of a championship stop, however, a calculation of the average points or home / away weighted points average is ready.

VERDECTS – On the Scudetto chapter, the League embraces the idea of ​​the FIGC: the title will be assigned only if arithmetic establishes it, while the biggest novelty concerns relegations. The assembly voted for the block of the same unless, also in this case, the arithmetic already condemns some teams. The proposal will be put on the plate on Monday, at the Federal Council: a proposal that clashes totally with the line pursued by President Gravina in recent weeks. The number one of the Football Federation, in fact, has always confirmed three o’clock relegation to Serie A: utopian, therefore, to expect the yes of the Federal Council.

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