Lazio, Milinkovic alarm: knee problem, waiting for exams


ROME – A lot of athletic work, then finally the ball. In Formello the Lazio preparation continues in view of the resumption of Serie A. Smiles and intense rhythm, but with a heavy absence: play theMilinkovic alarm. Sergei raised the white flag, problems with the knee for him. He immediately stopped, no training for him today. In the afternoon he will immediately carry out the appropriate examinations in the Paidea clinic. Hopefully nothing serious.

The others

Leiva is completely recovered, in today’s session he doesn’t even have the joker brother. It is in full service. Strakosha works separately, he is managing himself, he wants to return slowly after the foot problem. It does not participate in the final challenge. Race aside for Vavro, the Slovakian defender will soon finish his differentiated job and return regularly to the team. More tampons tomorrow. Also under examination is Proto and Lulic, who have returned from abroad.

Lazio, Milinkovic alarm: knee problem, waiting for exams

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