Lazio, Inzaghi: “Team victory that has character. Expulsion? He could have warned me”


Simone Inzaghi, Lazio coach, expresses his feelings a DAZN after the game won in comeback against Fiorentina: “I think it is a victory of character and desire, objectively we have some numerical problems. There have been several setbacks and injuries, I must say thanks because today Correa, Radu and Marusic probably, if we had not had this emergency, I would not have deployed them as they had problems yesterday. Ditto I have Vavro on the bench who has been training at a reduced pace for 4-5 days. Fiorentina is an excellent team, organized, so I thank the guys because it wasn’t easy. ”

What is in his race for final exultation?
“We had left that we could play one game a week without problems, with the possibility to choose. Now, however, with these close games we also miss very important players such as Luiz Felipe, Leiva and Lulic. I asked some more sacrifice, and there we are: a team without character would never have won such a match. ”

How do you comment on your expulsion?
“I’m sorry, I tried to help the referees because there could be a bit of nervousness. Maybe he could have warned me, so I would have been in Turin with the team on Tuesday”.

How’s the team doing mentally?
“The boys know the importance of the stakes, as well as that Radu and Correa had asked for a change two days ago for problems and I had to use them, Lukaku had been stationary for 5 months, I only saw Marusic yesterday for a bland workout … The guys are a little worried but they have to be calm because we have these young guys who can help us also in training “.

What is the reason for today’s approach?
“We managed, we knew that the game would be expensive and that the players on the bench were certainly not usable. I hoped not to do it. We managed fairly well the first half hour, despite a well-disposed Fiorentina with excellent elements.”

Did Luis Alberto’s goal come from a one-tier side?
“Not being able to have Luiz Felipe or Vavro, and not being able to use Radu, we struggled to develop on the left having a right like Bastos. With Radu in his position also Luis Alberto was able to do much, much better”.


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