“Lazio-Fiorentina will not end 0-0. Iachini and Ribery would double. Commission …”


GIFFONI VALLE PIANA, ITALY – JULY 24: Francesco Pannofino attends 2012 Giffoni Film Festival photocall on July 24, 2012 in Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images)

After the draw against Brescia, Fiorentina is preparing to face the tough Lazio exam (THE EMERGENCY OF THE WHITE-BLUE SKIES). On Saturday evening the viola will be guests of Inzaghi, approaching the delicate challenge of the Olimpico we interviewed the well-known actor and voice actor exclusively Francesco Pannofino, great Lazio fan. In addition to a curriculum full of television projects and beyond, the artist is famous for his great career as a voice actor. Pannofino, in fact, has lent his voice to great international stars such as George Clooney and Denzel Washington.

Francesco, did you expect a journey like this from your Lazio?

I was expecting a championship level, we have a nice team and an important coach, unfortunately we have a short bench. The KO against Atalanta takes us a bit further away from the dream

Can the game against Fiorentina be an important watershed?

It will certainly be a very important match between two teams that are not doing very well. Many races are missing and the heat can be an obstacle for everyone, even if I believe that in the end he will win Juve again “

You are known, among many things, for your great voice actor career. Would you like to dub Ribery?

Absolutely yes, he could be an assassin (laughs) even if he would be easily recognizable. I’d like to voice Iachini too, he’s been very nice since he was a footballer

If he could choose a player between Castrovilli and Chiesa to bring to Lazio who would he take?

Church is very strong for me, I would take it immediately. I liked the father and I like him too. Every year there are rumors that see him far from Florence, Commisso I know that instead he wants to make a great team, but he has to spend. I really appreciate Fiorentina since I was a kid, I saw her win the 68′-69 championship. I hope to see you again soon to reach important goals

How have you experienced the last difficult months?

I always think of those who have lost their lives, those who are sick, those who have lost their jobs. Even in my profession there are many people who found themselves in difficulty, people who live with shows and who found themselves at home at any moment. I was luckier in life, but many live on tour and suffer even more from this situation. I also had the advantage of a return to popularity with the replicas of Boris and Emigratis

Now what plans do you have?

I am reading several scripts, I am also waiting to go back to the theater. The epidemic stopped a series of shows that would have also stopped in Florence, but we will be back. Meanwhile, I continue my reading activity with audiobooks

What match will Lazio-Fiorentina be?

I don’t make a prediction because I don’t want enemies in Florence or Rome (laughs). It certainly won’t end 0-0, indeed I think we will see several goals.

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