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Dear Prosecutor,I’m a big fan of the transfer market, but I don’t always understand its dynamics. I have several questions to ask, hoping that you can answer me. 1. How does Inter manage to deprive itself of Lautaro Martinez when the championship has yet to end? 2. If there is a termination clause of over 100 million because Barcelona offers 60 (so I think I have read); 3. Could the replacement not be Messi as of this season? Milo ’93

Dear Milo,
I gladly answer your three peremptory questions:

1. Inter will not deprive Lautaro Martinez before the championship and the cups come to an end as the season will end on August 31 as is now known to all. Probably, by interpreting your question, one wonders how the young Argentine champion will be able to keep his concentration high in this anomalous season finale, given the rumors that would see him “already” hired by Barcelona for the next season. I exclude, however, categorically that the boy will be influenced negatively from his near future offering opaque performances with the Inter shirt; remember that sport performance contracts must be honored until the last day of the championship with the utmost professionalism, even in cases where preliminary agreements were already in progress during the championship. The ratification of a possible move to Barcelona would presumably take place after September 1st even if there is still no official about the new dates of the summer market window.

2. Barcelona are free to offer a lower figure than what is provided for in the termination clause. It will be up to Inter decide whether to remain unyielding on the player’s own assessment or whether to meet the downward offer of the Spanish managers. In these negotiations also the technical counterparts generally come into play. Eg 80 million + a couple of young Barcelona players could prove to be an interesting operation for the black and blue!3. Messi can hardly replace Lautaro Martinez in the next season given that his contract will expire in June 2021. From 1 January, that is to say in the 6 months preceding the natural term of his contract, he could already be treated by Inter to guarantee his sports performances starting from the 2021-2022 season, provided that the player does not decide to renew his contract for at least another year; in the latter case, since it can no longer be acquired on a zero basis, things would become enormously complicated.

But now I pass the ball to the users of to ask you a fourth question: if Lautaro Martinez really had to leave Inter Milan, what other striker could pair with Lukaku without regretting Lautaro?

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