Laura Chimenti: “I made men lose their mind consciously, I loved dark music”


“It is the first time we have met. How do you look at yourself with these eyes? How do men do it? ” This is the question with which Pierluigi Diaco introduces Laura Chimenti. The Tg1 journalist, guest of Me and you, he replied: “There is only one man now. In the past I made men lose their mind consciously. We women like pleasure. ” And some stories about his “unexpected” past: “I loved dark music, I dressed in black. I had short red hair. The first love at 18 that led me on the dark road “.

Class and preparation make her one of RaiUno’s most loved faces: “The approach of those who empower women has changed. They realized that women have an edge and therefore also the approach of men towards women has changed: they understood that if we know how to manage a family that is then a small business, we can also manage larger companies. ” And as for the competition with colleagues, he adds: “Competition and envy are in my job just as I am in other jobs. But I go on very calmly because I am a woman of great faith and if I have to say it all before entering the editorial office I say the Ave Maria and at that moment it is as if I had a shield that protects me from everything. ”

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