“Last access”, “online” and “are writing” disappear on Whatsapp. Disoriented users


Some functions have disappeared from WhatsApp: currently it is no longer possible to see if a contact is online, if he is writing and when he last logged in. If you try to change the setting, the app does not allow it: “WhatsApp was unable to change the privacy settings. Please try again later ”, the message that appears.

Many comment on Twitter, wondering if it is a temporary malfunction or a novelty destined to last. Between irony and real nervous breakdowns, the shower of comments reflects how the popular instant messaging application has become central in interpersonal communications, and therefore in our lives. Created in 2009 and part of the Facebook Inc. group since February 19, 2014, in February 2020 WhatsApp had over two billion active users worldwide.

In addition to the panic of many users, accustomed to counting on the possibility of seeing the interlocutor online (the last access is a function that can be easily changed in the settings), the irony also runs on the web. “How am I going to stalk my ex-boyfriend now? Give me back the only function that keeps me alive! “, A user vents. “They won’t finally tell me ‘you’re online, why don’t you fuck me?’ And I’m super happy!”, Another ironically laughs. “My stalkers are panicking, it suits them,” sinks yet another.

The problem would seem to go far beyond the borders of our country, judging by the comments that come from all over the globe: India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, to name a few. Impossible for now to know what happens. Lovers spying from afar have to wait a little longer, and in the meantime a user asks the final question: “Dear Zuckerberg … but all right?”.

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