Lapo Elkann comes to terms with the past: “I found peace thanks to love for the family”


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A real declaration of love that Lapo addresses to his family, who has always helped and supported him in difficult moments which, as he reveals, have not been lacking along his path. “In life nothing is given to you and nothing is simple, there have been moments where inside me I had gigantic holes. Many will say that, being born rich, I had advantages and in fact I am not complaining and I am not a victim, I still say that whatever human being can go through big gaps. I tried to fill them in the wrong way with substances “. And he continues: “Until I have found, thanks to true affections, peace and inner strength, but you have to work every day. Everything that is external, like success, does not count if you don’t understand where you are in the world “. Another strong point in Elkann’s life is Italy, to which he feels viscerally linked and for whom he has unconditional love: “I have a great desire to take root and the number one roots are my country. I can travel the world, but this is my home”.

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Just to help Italy in a moment of great difficulty like the one it is going through due to the pandemic, Gianni Agnelli’s nephew wanted to take action through his association LAPS, active since 2016, to start a fundraiser: “We have We have carried out several projects in favor of the care and well-being of minors. With the coronavirus emergency, therefore, it seemed natural to us to increase our efforts in favor of the most fragile “, he said. “With the fundraiser for the most needy families we started from Italy and Portugal, and now with Italian creativity and generosity we want to help other countries. Nothing will be defeated without everyone’s contribution. it will become a better place. ”

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For him who has had so much, the time has come to return: “I have been pardoned by God several times, I must thank him and never forget him. I have had various vicissitudes and it is useless to hide it, my ups and downs are in the public domain and, after what happened to me in Israel (a serious accident, ed.), I had an extra push. I am not attached to what I have and, if I see suffering around me, I am even less so “.

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