Lannutti buys the Michelin site in Fossano (UPDATED)


The (former) Michelin plant in Fossano has a new owner. It is the Lannutti company, an international player in the transport and logistics sector, but with the heart in Cuneo where about 500 of its 1,900 employees work. The operation had been under study for some time and was completed last week.

Lannutti – as general manager Franco Ghiglione explains – has acquired the entire area of ​​via Torino-via Cussanio, which is spread over 270 thousand square meters (of which 58 thousand square meters of covered buildings) and which will be subject to a “redevelopment plan to adapt it to new needs: no longer those of a production center, but logistics “. It will mean that some of the buildings will be recovered with adaptations, others instead demolished. All “without new land consumption”.

“The first step of activity – he adds – could start within six months. But the operation has a greater breath and breadth, which will accompany us in the coming years, compatibly with the market “.

With Fossano Lannutti will equip itself with a third logistics platform in the province of Granda: a piece of an integrated system that also includes Cuneo and Mondovì. “Fossano will not compete with the others – continues Ghiglione – but will develop its vocation as a versatile platform, center of gravity with respect to the main local industrial districts (Cuneo, Saluzzo / Savigliano, Albese and Monregalese), open to intermodal solutions, equipped with solutions cutting-edge technologies and connected to the main hubs and logistics corridors “.

No promises, at the moment, on the jobs. But the purchase falls within a perspective of growth and business development which may have significant employment effects in a sector, the logistics sector, in great turmoil. Certainly, the operation just concluded – an important investment in the tens of millions – represents “a sign of optimism and confidence in the local area, as well as an opportunity for growth and rebirth of a site that risked remaining abandoned”.

A real mouthful of oxygen in an economically difficult period, marked by the Covid crisis, and despite the infrastructure deficit that the province has suffered for years, from the eternal unfinished Asti-Cuneo to the delays in the work on doubling the Tent, from the fragility Turin-Savona to the halved ring road of Fossano.

“We are very happy with this agreement with Lannutti – they say from Michelin -. For two reasons: the first is because it is a consolidated entrepreneur in the area. The second is because it is a weight project for the Fossanese area. ” “In these three years – they add – we have taken care of the area, taking on the costs of making it attractive. We carried out research, evaluations, negotiations to find out who could take over. And several operators have shown interest, with serious and attractive projects “.

We do not know if the amusement park project also belongs to this group, the only one that has become public domain, but never translated into a concrete proposal. But the important thing is that in the end the right proposal has arrived.

The sale of the site is the last act of a story – that of the Casa del Bibendum in Fossano – which began in the early 1970s with the opening of the plant, which has grown by production and employment to over 600 employees, then progressively declined until the announcement of the closure in December 2015. There were still 400 workers, but Michelin promised that no one would be left alone. And so it was: the site closed permanently in June 2017. But, in that year and a half, everyone found work in other company sites, Cuneo in the first place, were accompanied to other companies or to early retirement. However, the second part of that promise was still missing: that of not abandoning the Fossano site to its destiny. Even that mission can now be said to be accomplished. “With a serious entrepreneur like Lannutti. And without real estate speculation ”.

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