Lane in Serie B Today in Figc day of truth


Enough words of principle, hopes stifled in the palaces of football and then resurfaced like a diver in the stormy sea. Today we vote, we decide what will happen to football between now and August 2nd. The federal council from 12 will decide how to finish the championships of series A, B and C, what will be the calendars, at what time the matches will be played, which sanitary devices will have to be adopted to carry on the show.

In these days Vicenza has continued to work as in the last two months. On the sports-athletic front, he kept the team in business through video training, webinars and chats with the coach. On the “political” front, he kept the axis with Monza to assert the direct promotion line, after he had however made himself available to return to the field to end the championship.

Eugenio Marzotto

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