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Paddy McGuinness, the well-known British journalist and co-host of the Top Gear program was the protagonist of an accident driving a splendid Lamborghini Diablo during the filming of the 29th season of the special dedicated to engines. Fortunately there were no consequences for the reporter, however the same cannot be said of the copy of Sant’Agata Bolognese: the Red Diablo in fact, she came out of the accident rather battered, as can also be seen from the photos published on social networks by several people who witnessed the scene.

A Lamborghini Diablo to hang on the wall

The accident with the Lamborghini Diablo occurred on the roads of North Yorkshire in Great Britain, precisely on the B6255 near Ribblehead, as also reported by the Lancs Road Police. The causes that led to the sad ending for the Toro jewel are not clear, but according to what was reported by the police, the base of the unfortunate accident would be the wet asphalt, with McGuinness thus losing control of the supercar and ending up off the road. However, there are no videos that report the dynamics of the crash, even if judging from the damage reported, the Diablo may have hit a wall or a stone fence, typical structures of the English countryside. A very unfortunate accident for McGuinnes, probably taken by surprise by the power of Diablo who in conditions of low grip and without the electronic controls of modern cars could have been more difficult than expected to manage, ending up triggering a spin.

From a first glance they do not seem irreparable damage, with the Lamborghini Diablo who will surely need a long repair job. This will lead to inevitable delays in the production of the new season of Top Gear. A real shame because the episode being registered promised to be really exciting: in addition to the Diablo in fact there should also have been one Jaguar XJ220 and a legendary Ferrari F40.

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