Kim Jong Hyun, the celebrations for the 70 years of the war


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Tianjin (China) – On June 25, 1950, the North Korean army (in bellicose art Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) crossed the 38 parallel and invaded the Republic of Korea (South Korea). Three years and three million deaths later, in July 1953, the temporary ceasefire was signed in Panmunjom.

Seventy years after the still temporary and unstable truce, the endless war continues. In these hours instead of cannon shots, balloons loaded with leaflets are fired. The escaped northern refugees in Seoul today issued leaflets to the Northerners reminiscent of the ferocity of Kim Il Sung, founder of the regime that triggered the attack in 1950.

Kim III and sister Kim (who heads the Propaganda and Agitation department in Pyongyang) did prepare 12 million flyers and cigarette butts to replicate. They will be brought to the goal by 3,000 balls, because the Kim brothers love to do things big. Gigantic megaphones were also reinstalled on the 38 parallel which serve to fill insults with the southern capitalists, lackeys of the american imperialists.

The great Nordic show is expected to start at dawn on the 25th, to celebrate the glorious day of 70 years ago. Anyway, better the cannon and missile balloons and the dynamite that destroyed the Liaison Office between the two Koreas a few days ago.

Analysts cling to the hope that Kim Jong-un’s provocations are just an attempt to draw the attention of the United States to resume the negotiation, perhaps calculating that Donald Trump, struggling in the election campaign, plays the October Surprise card to reopen the diplomatic game before the vote on the first Tuesday of November with a spectacular blow. But the two actors seem tired.

June 23, 2020 (change June 23, 2020 | 5:49 pm)


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