Kim blows up the dialogue building (but doesn’t want war)


The destruction by the Pyongyang army of the office of the liaison office between the two Koreas located within the North Korean borders is a dangerous gesture of hostility, but not an act of war and – in all probability – will not trigger a conflict between the Communist North and the South led by the pacifist President Moon Jae-in.

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Korea, Kim Jong-Un detonates the inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong

This afternoon (a few hours ago in Italy) the North Koreans blew up the diplomatic headquarters but their act is part of a long series of “provocations” that the Kim Jong-un regime uses when it wants to communicate (with the sound of missiles and bombs) ) with the outside world. “Talking to daughter-in-law because mother-in-law means”, it is appropriate to say: where the daughter-in-law are the South Koreans – from whom they are still divided by the border drawn after the fratricidal war of 1950-1953 – and the mother-in-law is represented by the United States of America . In fact, Kim’s regime has a (huge) problem that only Washington could solve for him: the international sanctions – wanted by the US and launched by the United Nations – that strangle the Korean economy. With the embargo, 36-year-old Kim’s plans to start market reforms on the model of those promoted by Deng in the 1980s to modernize North Korea as China did are destined to become waste paper, and to weaken the prestige in the eyes of his people. of the young leader who focused his political rhetoric on the development of a backward country.

For this reason Kim’s increasingly influential sister – Kim Yo-Jong – a few hours before she was reduced to rubble, had called the Office a “tragic” and “useless” venue. In Seoul, they called an emergency meeting of the government and the army, to decide the response to be given to the Pyongyang offensive, but there is not much that South Koreans can do. They could suspend the cross-border launch of leaflets against the regime that irritates Kim and his companions or other acts of “psychological warfare” by the South against the North. But they wouldn’t solve much. In Seoul, they know very well that Pyongyang’s move serves to put pressure on Moon so that the president will insist with his counterpart Trump to reopen negotiations on the North Korean nuclear program. The North Korean regime needs to see the light at the bottom of the embargo tunnel and, on the other hand, with the sensational explosion of this morning, it wants to demonstrate that, to achieve its goal, it is also willing to resort to the force of arms. Last update: 12:30


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