Kiev, the LGBT flag flies over the statue of the Motherland: the initiative for Pride


On the occasion of Pride, the sword held by the statue of the Motherland in Kiev, Ukraine, became the pole of a rainbow flag. The gesture was made possible thanks to a drone that made a six-meter by four flag fly over the statue. The colossal titanium monument, dedicated to the Soviet soldiers who fell during the Second World War, is 102 meters high, 62 of which are from the Mother Homeland, which also passes the Statue of Liberty (46 meters). Not everyone appreciated the attempt by the organizers of the Kiev Pride, although the monument was not even touched. “The legislative framework in Ukraine does not protect the LGBT community from hate crimes and discrimination, with the exception of the prohibition of discrimination at work, nor does it recognize it,” explains Kiev Pride director Ruslana Panukhyk. “There is still much to be done to achieve rights and equality.”

Curated by Eleonora Giovinazzo

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