Kia Ceed GT, test and price of the Korean sports sedan


All about the most aggressive version of the Asian compact. Agile and fast, he doesn’t miss a beat on the road, but he also has something to say on the track

Claudio Giudice

Let’s start from the end: congratulations Kia! Because? Because today the Korean house is one of the brands that, in its range, provides higher level products, from every point of view. So far nothing strange, the compliments are not explained. The Kia are among the cars with the longest warranty, 7 years, and all this thanks to an unprecedented quality control on every single component, even lives. A demonstration? The Ceed GT, or the most sporty version of the small compact C-segment sedan, equipped with every kind of comfort, with an attractive appearance and with performances that leave you pleasantly impressed. All starting from 30,250 euros.

Kia Ceed GT: how it’s made

From the outside, the Ceed Gt is a whole program, but first you need to make a necessary premise: it is true that it is the sportiest version of the model, but unlike the competitors (especially those 2,000 cubic capacity that have a racing counterpart), he deliberately renounced all those aesthetic-aerodynamic tinsel that usually stand on muzzles and trunks. The result is a sporty and clean line at the same time, with miniskirts, front splitter, lowered trim and air intakes, with some small red detail that gives the effect of the vermilion varnish tongue that is under the heels of certain sir. Ah, obviously the rims are in alloy. But that’s not all: the B side of the GT is no different, with the rear bumper that recalls the diffuser of the racing cars and with the two sport exhausts, one on the right and one on the left. Once the door is open, there is proof that the suit makes the monk: sports leather seats with central Alcantara inserts and red details, ergonomic steering wheel adjustable both horizontally and vertically, short gear lever (manual !!!) to facilitate quick clutches and an overall seat that allows you to lie very much in an extremely position racing. In front of the steering wheel, on which several buttons with which to move around the menus, all easy to understand and manage, there is the large intelligent dashboard: various counters, travel information, management of the Apple Car Play (or any other phone you attach ); the good thing is that within a few kilometers you have already managed to familiarize yourself with the car and its controls. Needless to mention the presence of the Adas: lane crossing recognition system, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, cruise control and of course Abs, Esp and Hac; pity that the handbrake is electric button, but you can not have everything from life. The icing on the cake is the large, fully opening panoramic glass placed on the roof of the car and the Jbl audio system.

Kia Ceed GT, How it is made: the engine

If the comparison with an elegant and provocative woman at the same time holds, then one must ask what is under the skirt of this provocative Kia. As soon as the engine is started, even in the Normal mode (which is combined with the Sport mode), the provocative and gloomy sound of the muffler is immediately heard, which emits the typical sound of today’s turbo engines, whose terminals have large catalysts that act as the resonance. If you then press the Sport button, then real rhombuses will come out (I am not exaggerating) that will entice you to see what the GT is made of. Compared to the “non-GT” versions, this one certainly differs in its structure, lowered and stiffened, through the use of harder springs, however combined with shock absorbers with very long stems in order to still preserve overall comfort while driving. sporty. At the front is the beautiful 1,591 cc 4-cylinder in-line engine, turbocharged, capable of delivering 204 hp and 265 Nm; in this way the Ceed, which weighs just over 1,300 kilos, really seems to fly, especially when you engage the sixth with the nice manual gearbox and press on the gas pedal. Front-wheel drive, unfortunately the self-locking differential is missing, but then we remember that the GT is not a competition car and so it’s okay.

Kia Ceed GT: how to drive

Before leaving, we need to make another premise: talking about a road car in these terms is not entirely correct, but this time we chose to make an exception, as the GT even measured itself on a real track, the Tazio Nuvolari of Cervesina (Pavia), also setting an excellent lap time. Well, in normal gear it is excellent, silent, with a prodigious smoothness, able to travel hundreds of meters in full release, without having to touch the gas; it is stable, with a remarkable footprint on the ground, but also with a wedge shape that allows it to have a lowered center of gravity and a diagonal discharge of the vertical weights, thus giving it great stability. Consumption, going at normal speed is quite low, but be careful to crush the gas because as soon as the turbo enters, unfortunately they jump up. By pressing the Sport button, the first thing to notice is the change of sound, but the second is the much more brutal delivery. The suspension settings do not change, but it becomes possible to detach the controls, perhaps in search of easy emotions.

Kia Ceed GT: how to drive on the track

Let’s talk now about the track. The Tazio Nuvolari is a 2,800-meter racetrack with many bends and curves that favor stability and chassis, characteristics not among the best known of road cars. Well, in the gray asphalt snake of the Pavia province, Ceed covered 3 timed laps, deliberately in conditions similar to road running, therefore with tires, brakes and hot engine (remember that the turbo needs to be better to make the best of it. as cold as possible, the same goes for tires and brakes) and a beautiful timekeeper on board. It was not easy, to tackle a track with the road car you have to totally change your approach, remembering that these cars are infinitely softer and harassed by so much electronics that you don’t even perceive them on normal roads. However, once you understand that the longest gears (to take advantage of the turbo) and the more angular lines must be privileged, so as to always accelerate with straight wheels, then you’re done. Final time: 1’43 “78. In the opinion of the driver, it is an excellent time trial, although the GT could do more, but above all what matters is having demonstrated great value even in the most demanding test bench, that is the track. The only flaw? The suspension is too soft, every time it accelerates with a little (not too much) impetuosity, the front wheels almost lift up, especially the interior if you give gas in the corners, removing grip and directionality from the wheels, which can be annoying even off the track. Beyond these little things, the final judgment on the Kia Ceed GT is excellent, a versatile car suitable for girls and boys of all ages, maybe even a few couples with children looking for a way to make the four-wheeled kids passionate. , works absolutely within the reach of the beautiful Korean.

data sheet

Kia Ceed GT
Engine 4 cylinders in line, turbocharged from 1,591 cc, 204 hp and 265 Nm
Transmission 6-speed manual (with 7-speed automatic as an option)
Traction front
dimensions length 4,325 mm; width 1,800 mm; height 1,442 mm
Full speed 235 km / h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 6 seconds
Consumption 10 l / 100 km (at a pace slightly below the limit)
Price from 30,250 euros

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