KFC announces 4K and 120 fps game console with built-in chicken warmer – Multiplayer.it


KFC announced one consul card game can offer graphics a 4K real e 120 fps, with cross-platform compatibility and … a chicken warmer chamber.

Let’s imagine that this reveal is no longer founded on the stolen image of the PS5 design that we had made for April Fool’s Day, but at the end of the trailer that you see at the bottom there is also a release date: November 12, 2020.

What will happen that day, but above all it will take five months to find out? In the meantime we will see the reactions to KFConsole they have been far from negative and the motto “Power Your Hunger” is not bad at all.

In short, in the clash between SS5 is Xbox Series X a third contender could introduce himself who has from his end all the power of fried chicken.

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