Juventus, Sarri: “Naples difficult to face”


The Juventus coach on the eve of the final: “Naples difficult to face, in certain races he knows how to express himself on high levels”

A press conference for a few close friends, but another step towards normality: Maurizio Sarri returned to speak to journalists from the Allianz Stadium press room on the eve of the Italian Cup final. The last time it happened before the first half-final with AC Milan (2 March), which was not played because of the pandemic.

The importance of the apprenticeship

The occasion is important, at stake is the first trophy of the season (the first Italian for Maurizio Sarri) and the opponent is not just any, but the Napoli that the coach has trained for 3 seasons and who has already beaten the Juventus in the league. “I run the c ……. when it is said that in Italy I did not win anything, I did all the promotions on the field without skipping any category (and won a Serie D Italian Cup, ed), I failed just a promotion from C1 to B. It is a difficult path to go and get promotions in the lower categories. Now, however, I want to help the boys win a trophy, for fans and for all of us. I have no retro thoughts about the opponents, I feel projected only on us. It is the final I would have liked because we are in the final. We are focused on the goal and I have seen the aggressiveness that seems right to me. ”

Eye to the reboots

Sarri shines on Napoli but praises Mertens and Gattuso (“Dries is a great player. He did very well, he was able to transform himself into a different striker from what he was before. I like Rino very much, he is a straightforward boy who speaks directly. I’m not surprised because in my opinion he had done well for Milan too “) and does not trust his opponents:” With Inter Milan have tried to wait for the lowest opponents, when they start again they have a great danger: in recent times they have won with the Inter and with us and equalized with Barcelona. I had bad feelings after the defeat in the championship, we made mistakes that against dribblers like they can’t be done. We stretched and we lost compactness. This type of teams cannot to grant. Mistakes we cannot repeat. ”

I want the most

Sarri will fully recover Ramsey for the bench, while Chiellini and Higuain will almost certainly be out, but he starts again from the first 25 minutes against Milan: “I won a rare aggression in some areas of the pitch and a territorial supremacy close to 80% then started conditioned by many factors. We had the feeling that the opponent could not hurt us and this led us not to ask our body for 110%. From an intensity point of view, the physical condition cannot change completely, it is a particular moment and all the games are very difficult from a physical and mental point of view after a long period of inactivity. I will tell the boys that we played 7 months and made 3 more lockdowns to get to play these games. Tomorrow we have to bring out our best, which maybe will not be 100% but 90% yes. ”

No reference points

Without Higuain, Sarri could re-propose Ronaldo center-forward or return to Dybala false nine: “With both solutions we do not give reference points in the offensive, to the guys in front I leave ample freedom of movement. Not having a typical central striker we cannot interpret it in the classic way , we are trying both options and it is not said that the one we start with will be the one we arrive with, but Ronaldo like the rest of the team had a good game at the beginning and then it went down, the condition cannot be optimal. The boy is available, he made a good performance in terms of quantity, the quality aspect is now lacking in everyone due to the inactivity, the talent is crystal clear and cannot be affected by 5 meters more or less in the area. asked only the good different defensive position. ”

Average top points

Finally Sarri proudly reaffirms the goodness of the path taken so far: “In season 4-5 performances in which nothing comes out there are always. The results of this Juve have been the best for many years now: it has been fifty years since a novice technician did not make this average points. Victory is never normal, it must always be seen as an exceptional event “.

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