Juventus return to the Stadium: the Coppa Italia test tonight


TORINO – This evening, more or less at dinner time, the Allianz Stadium reopens: a 89 days from Juventus-Inter a small match will be staged in the family, wanted by Maurizio Sarri as general rehearsal in view of the restart of the Italian Cup (on Friday 12th Juventus will host the Milan in semifinal return) and the championship. It’s a new step forward, to relish the atmosphere of the Stadium: the stands will obviously be empty, but the players will have to get used to it because Juventus-Inter had already played in the lunar scenario behind closed doors and from here at the end of the season the public will not be present, even if the hypothesis of a minimum participation of the spectators in the last days is being studied.


The Juventus coach will divide the men into two teams: to complete them, he will also draw from the pelvis of the youth from Primavera and the Under 23 who joined the first team in these weeks of preparation. The competitive spirit will be reviewed, even if it is only a test, but people like it Christian Ronaldo does not give up at all the adrenaline rush and the will to win, even if there are no points or Cups up for grabs. There should all be except Gonzalo Higuain, who has a muscle problem that can be resolved in a week, and George Chiellini who is not yet at the top and could be kept out of caution.


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