Juventus, rejuvenate without losing the leaders. The renewals of Buffon and Chiellini


TORINO – La Juventus has a plan for the market that has officially started with the exchange PjanicArthur: rejuvenating the team and having sold a thirty year old to take a Venitreenne is a rather clear sign of the direction taken by Fabio Guild and his men. But then the renewals of Gigi Buffon, which in January scollina i 43, it’s at George Chiellini, who is less than two months old 36, how should they be framed?

In the same scene, that of the construction of the Juventus 2020-21, in which there will be many more players under the age of 25, but who cannot yet ignore its great leaders. Buffon and Chiellini, even with a technically marginal role (the next one will certainly not be a season with 50 appearances for them), represent an indispensable pillar for the new building. Because there is nobody, yet, able to take on the heavy responsibility of governing the dressing room, to direct the new ones towards the Juventus values, to keep concentration high when needed, to spur the momentarily listless champions. So, in a team that is rejuvenating itself to lay the foundations of another cycle, Buffon and Chiellini serve to instill youthfulness and give continuity to a more general and long project. Points of reference for teammates, the coach and the club itself, the goalkeeper and the defender serve, which is why Paratici wanted their renewal. That said, a glance at Buffon’s last performance in the Coppa Italia final against Napoli is enough to understand that the confirmation was born on the field. And the same goes for Chiellini, struggling with an unfortunate season, but still a security for the defense. The next Juventus will be able to count on two leader, but also on two extraordinary players.


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