Juventus, Oppini: “Napoli has an advantage, have you seen Insigne and Mertens? Dybala in shape”


Francesco Oppini, Juventus-based commentator, spoke during the transmission Il Process, a program broadcast on 7 Gold.

The opinionist of declared black and white faith, Francesco Oppini, made some statements during the broadcast The process, program broadcast on the television station 7 Gold. These are his words: “I think that Napoli has a clear advantage when football is resumed. You have seen Dries Mertens is Lorenzo Insigne? They are two short-lived players, they immediately get in shape. They are fundamental elements for Napoli. In the Italian Cup they could therefore be favorites. “

Francesco Oppini, columnist, then added during the broadcast The process, up 7 Gold: “I think that even in Juventus there are those who get in shape first. Paulo Dybalafor example, he is already doing well and will be ready in my opinion before Cristiano Ronaldo also considering the Argentine’s physical structure. Will Juventus be engaged in a real tour de force? It seems normal to me considering the large number of matches that will be played by the Bianconeri of Sarri. “

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