Juventus-Milan, Sarri on Cristiano Ronaldo and Dybala


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Maurizio Sarri speaks two days after the restart after the suspension for the coronavirus: Juventus running on all fronts

The countdown has now started: two days and Italian football will return with the Italian cup semifinal between Juventus is Milan. The Juventus coach Maurizio spoke about the challenge on Friday evening Sarri to ‘Sky Sport 24’. The Tuscan coach focused on the match against Pioli: “We are running on all fronts and start again immediately with the Italian cup it allows us to focus on one goal at a time, this can be an advantage ”.

On the return against Milan (went to San Siro ended 1-1), Sarri warns: “This year all the Rossoneri have been difficult matches. The result of the anata does not guarantee us anything. ” He will miss among the Rossoneri Ibrahimovic by disqualification, with Hernandez is Castillejo: “They will still play in 11: it’s a very open game”.

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Juventus, Sarri: “Dybala-Ronaldo, hard to make them coexist”

sarri dybala ronaldo
Sarri and Dybala © Getty Images

TEAM READY – “If we are ready, the pitch will say so: no team knows. We come from an abnormal interruption: in the summer we make an active stop, this time it was passive, the players were sixty days on a sofa with small activities carried out at home. It is such an anomalous situation that there are no certainties, also due to the lack of friendlies. One can be satisfied with the training, but the feedback in the game is different. ”

WIDE PINK – “There is a large squad, but we have had 3-4 injuries that have kept players away from the field for a long time. In the end, we had to face the matches with a normal squad, despite the fact that the potential is wide and at a high level “.

DYBALA-RONALDO COEXISTENCE – “Dybala is a phenomenal footballer. The difficulty is to make two atypical players coexist: they can make a difference at any time, but it is not easy to make them play together. With two players like this, the rest of the team must adapt: ​​the risk is having the opponent’s area empty, but it is a pleasant difficulty. ”

CHAMPIONSHIP – “We must leave all possibilities open, even for Inter. The beginning is an unknown factor: losing points can be very easy. ”

CHAMPIONS – “Better to play a game after five months or one after 14 in 40 days? I do not know. I think there are no big repercussions in the game. ”

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