Juventus-Milan, everything changes at the last minute: from schedule to overtime, what a mess


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Do you play, with what rules, when? Juve-Milan, the first post-coronavirus match, returns a complete picture of the uncertainties and organizational and managerial shortcomings of Italian football and (sports) politics. An assorted chaos, a puzzle that is composed every hour of new unexplored and unthinkable pieces. The latest issue, in chronological order, was that of Health Minister Roberto Hope who, in his speech in the Senate, said: “On 20 and 21 June the Serie A championship will resume behind closed doors, but we are already oriented to authorize the semi-finals and the final of the Italian Cup which will take place respectively on 12th, 13th and 17th June “. At least untimely words, which in some ways leave you speechless: there are 48 hours to go before the match starts, Rai has already orchestrated the schedule and advertising for the live broadcast of the challenge, and in clear, and the Government is ‘oriented’ towards to authorize the dispute of the meeting? It seems paradoxical, but it is tremendously real.

In the afternoon today, however, the Football League has made official changes to say the least important. Yes, two days after the game. First of all, the time at which the two semi-finals will be played, Juve-Milan and Inter-Napoli: on the pitch at 9 pm, with an attached minute of silence in memory of the coronavirus victims.

Then, a choice that can impose substantial changes for the teams involved, both for strategies and attitude on the pitch and for general choices: if the result is still tied at the end of the second half, there will be no extra time. It will go directly to penalties. A change to the rules of the Cup, with the competition in progress, valid only for this season, for the semifinals and the final. All this to shorten the times and reduce the effort of the players to the bare minimum. To give a practical example, if in the 90th minute Juventus and Milan were on the score of 1-1 (the same as in the first leg) they would go directly to the penalty lottery.

A choice that in some ways may also make sense, from here to August there will be many games to play. The surprising thing, however, is that there were many months to decide, but in the end it was the last to deliberate on key issues. Yes, because in this chaos in 48 hours we are back on the field. Unless the government changes its mind again.

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