Juventus, Chiellini reveals: “As a child I supported Milan. Ibra brought out the best in me”


Intervened live Instagram with Martina Colombari, the Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini he revealed that he had supported Milan when he was a child: “I was an AC Milan fan, I won’t hide it. I fell in love with the Rossoneri in the early 90’s and until I started playing in Serie A I was a Rossoneri fan. I rejoiced in the successes and victories against my twin brother who was from Juventus. My mom was cheering on Milan while my dad Juventus and my brother and I were fighting. When I went to Juventus in 2004, my dad and my brother were very happy. Ibrahimovic? “opponent who brought out the best in good and in bad. I had him as a partner, I was very young and I did not hold back in facing him. I met him many times and to face him I had to do my best” , he concluded.

Here the complete intervention.


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