Juventus among the favorites in the Champions League? Modric doesn’t think like Messi. And excludes it


Perhaps conditioned by the defeat remedied against Olympique Lyon in the first leg. Perhaps, from a Saturday game against Milan not exactly exciting. Or maybe, just from the belief that Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus is not scary, despite the ex-teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. The fact is that Luka Modric, during an interview released today in the ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, excluded the Juventus from the list of favorites for the final victory of the Champions League. “I see PSG well even if it won’t play until August, then Barcelona and Bayern are easy to say. Watch also for Atletico Madrid and of course who will pass between us and Manchester City,” said the 2018 Ballon d’Or. indicated in the bianconeri the favorites for the victory of the Serie A.

Words that make you think, because they are spoken by those who have known the international scene well for many years. Statements other than those which, for example, before the pandemic pronounced Leo Messi to the ‘Mundo Deportivo’: “From the eighth onwards all the opponents are difficult to face. PSG went to play in Dortmund and lost, Liverpool lost on the field of Atletico Madrid, but I think that Liverpool, Juventus, PSG and Real Madrid are the strongest opponents today “.

The odds ‘nail’ the bianconeri – There are also those who base their work on the study of favorites and disadvantaged people. They are the quotes of the betting agencies, which all lean towards Modric. For the main bookmakers, Manchester City and Bayern Munich are the favorites, immediately after Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona. Then there is Juventus, which has more or less the same possibilities as Atletico Madrid. Far behind Modric’s Real Madrid, which mainly pays for the defeat against Bernabeu in the first leg against City.


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