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Count flop, none other than Sarri

Conte’s Inter throws away yet another seasonal opportunity to try to get back into the championship fight and against a shaky Sassuolo does not go beyond the sensational result of a 3 to 3 home.
The former Juventus coach now finds himself 8 points behind the leaders Juventus, eliminated in the Italian Cup semi-final by Napoli and relegated to the Champions League group.
The question that arises therefore is:
but if Sarri, despite the first place in the championship and the Champions League round of 16 still to be played, is strongly criticized by the Juventus fans (some of whom even went so far as to invoke the return of Allegri) that proportionately Antonio Conte deserves treatment from the neroazzurri fans ?
There is a big fundamental difference between the two managers’ seasonal returns.
In many, they point the finger at the difference of the roses, which if we go to analyze the single 11 owner is not as bad as many would like to believe.
Few, however, point out that Conte, unlike Sarri, received from Marotta a market selected on the basis of his technical-tactical requests while Sarri instead inherited from the pair Paratici – Nedved a strong but old team and many market movements forced more by budgetary requirements as well as specific requests from the coach.
In practice, the large amount of money invested by Inter on the coach’s card and in the last purchase campaign have practically brought no technical improvement compared to Spalletti’s management.
The Sarri management, if compared to Allegri’s last year on the Juventus bench, is instead in line despite the fact that the former Napoli and Chelsea coach had no say in the past transfer campaign.

Inzaghi and Gasperini teach, it takes years for a good game

We certainly cannot say that Sarri’s Juventus plays well or that there are evident improvements compared to Allegri management, this is not the case. Absolutely, it’s obvious.
But also seeing the crackling postponed last night between Atalanta and Lazio, where the teams that are currently playing the best football show in Italy have confronted each other, we can safely write that this result of choral play is the result of an evident multi-year programming.
Gasperini and Simone Inzaghi have had to work on it for years, also often obtaining large empty passages, to arrive at this harmony of play. Would they have been granted all this time in Turin? Absolutely not, and the discussion obviously also applies to Sarri.
The defeat of Lazio removes evident pressure on Juventus, but it is absolutely not necessary to take the outcome of the championship for granted and to loosen the grip because with 11 days still to be played, including the direct clash, everything is still at stake.
The future of the Juventus bench therefore depends exclusively on the one who commands it at the moment.
If Sarri wants to open a black and white cycle, he must absolutely win the championship, there is no room for discussion on this, and then try to win the Champions League avoiding having the short arm as a tennis player that has cost dearly to Allegri in past years.
Only at that point will it be possible to make itself felt also in society, requesting a clearly better market than the incomprehensible one of last season, raising his voice and imposing his technical / tactical choices to reach the game levels shown in Naples.

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