Juve without an assistant Alex Sandro because of Sarri: he blew up the De Sciglio-Kurzawa exchange | First page


Fortunato, it just isn’t. Maurizio Sarri now ends up paying for what has been the only real stance taken on the Juventus market so far. And chance also wanted it to come just after a Napoli-Juve, the championship one. Becoming a hoax just after the other Napoli-Juve, that of the Italian Cup. Which also brought the injury of Alex Sandro as a dowry, the only left back in pink, now forced into the pits for at least twenty days, which at this stage are an authentic eternity. Because if today Alex Sandro does not have a role replacement, it is also Sarri’s own responsibility.THE OPERATION – Yes, because although an alternative to the Brazilian was a priority for the technician, the one identified by Fabio Paratici did not convince fully. Caressed and then dismissed the idea of ​​calling Luca Pellegrini back to the base in advance, here it is on the Turin-Paris axis everything was ready for the exchange between Mattia De Sciglio and Lavyin Kurzawa. A more than technical budget operation, also complicated and partly controversial considering how the Frenchman was (and still is) in the expiration of the contract: at around 20 million there was an excellent capital gain with De Sciglio from about 15 million euro, but a player was also overpaid which then the PSG would lose to zero. Obviously not a problem for Paratici, considering how the same formula had already been developed with Barcelona between the young Matheus Pereira and Alejandro Marques, in turn expiring in the contract and valued at 8 million.

THE FACT – But then Napoli-Juve was played, with Juan Cuadrado right-back and put in serious difficulty by Lorenzo Insigne and his companions. At that moment Danilo was injured and Sarri therefore asked and obtained to detain De Sciglio to have role alternatives as a right back, agreeing to confirm the risk of a single left back Alex Sandro. There is Sarri behind the exchange jumped between De Sciglio and Kurzawa, there are field choices that have prevailed over the budget ones. Then it also takes fate …

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