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The first tests at the Stadium in view of the Italian Cup semifinal have provided important indications: old defense, new midfield and in front …

Come on, let’s play. After more than three months, the Allianz Stadium last night reopened its doors to Juventus for the first real test in view of the Italian Cup return semifinal (it will be played on Friday 12th, 1-1), which has already given the first interesting indications .

Old defense

With Chiellini who did not participate in the match-play (for the captain still personalized work), the pair holding power plants was a foregone conclusion: Bonucci-De Ligt as expected in the first part of the season. It is not certain that Chiello will not be there for the first with AC Milan, what is certain is that he will be sipped, given his muscular fragility and also the fact that he is back from a long stop due to the bad crusader injury. He will certainly play important games and for this reason Sarri could choose to preserve him in view of a possible final of the Italian Cup.

Experience and youth

The midfield is the department that most could change its skin. First of all for the confirmation of Bentancur, who now seems to have gained ownership in the control room: yesterday Pjanic was lined up among the reserves while the ex Boca boy had the shirt of the owners, as against Inter, when Sarri deployed him to surprise instead of the Bosnian and he replied with an excellent performance. On the right was Khedira, who had missed the last three months for a knee cleaning operation. Sami, like Chiellini, will also be managed, but he is ready to take back the position of mezzala in important games, also because he is the only one in the middle who guarantees the insertions requested by the technician to fill the area when playing with false nine Dybala.

The first time of DDR7

In attack Sarri deployed the trident formed by Douglas Costa, Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo, with the Argentine striker in the center forward position. With Higuain injured (and in any case still out of condition, having returned from Argentina last), this is the most popular solution. The curiosity is that the three have never played together since the beginning so far this season and the expected first time could come against Milan. Dybala and Ronaldo have appeared among the most fit these days and Douglas’ condition (also recovering from an injury) is growing. In less than a week Sarri will reveal his new Juventus to us.

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