Juve, the Under 23 will help Sarri in the tour de force: that’s who they are


TORINO – The solution to more than one problem. From identifying the ideal growth path for a talent to the strategy to forge young people of training within the club, the so-called “ctp” so precious when drawing up the UEFA list at the end of the summer. And, now, to one more. Although it was objectively difficult to predict the Coronavirus “problem” before it exploded in the whole world and in that of football specifically. But the Under 23 team has proved to be a providential resource even in these weeks characterized by great uncertainty.

Demonstrating how planning and farsightedness – Juventus is still the only club in Italy to have set up its second team, although after long battles it has been the faculty of all for two seasons – they represent the best ingredients even in the face of unexpected scenarios. For ten days, in fact, there have been eight players on the team coached by Fabio Pecchia under the orders of Maurizio Sarri at Continassa. Eight elements – from the goalkeeper Loria to the defenders Coccolo and Wesley, from the midfielders Muratore and Portanova to the strikers Olivieri, Vrioni and Zanimacchia – to which the “talentino” Chibozo, offensive joker born in 2003, has also been added.

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